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News from „Campo do Coelho“

A place to play, learn and be happy

by LKO, 2016/05/20

For more than 22 years now the humedica day care centre near „Campo do Coelho“ offers needy children a safe place to play and learn. Situated in the Brazilian federal state of Rio de Janeiro, the children´s village does not only provide about 200 boys and girls with meals and dental care, homework supervision, sports and games but also communicates values, which the children rarely get to know in their often violent family situations. Children from particularly poor backgrounds receive additional support by German sponsorships to secure them socially.

Read about last year´s highlights and what is going to happen over the next months in „Campo do Coelho“ in the following overview.

The highlights of 2015

Like every year also in 2015 a joint project was started to support the moral instruction of the children. With the focus on „Values and Virtues“ the children came to appreciate the importance of friendship, love and courage and to implement them as best as possible in their mostly difficult social environment.

Together with the partner organisation SECS the humedica employees in Brazil were also able to realize chess training and an excursion to Pão de Açúcar, the so-called „Sugar Loaf“ in Rio de Janeiro. For most of the children these trips are the only possibility to get to know other locations than their hometown near the city Nova Friburgo and to make new experiences.

The Christmas party on the recently expanded sports grounds was another highlight for the whole team. In the course of the big humedica Christmas campaign „Present from the heart“ every child at the day care centre received a colourful present containing school supplies and toys. Also needy families from the surrounding hometowns were presented with clothes and small Christmas gifts.

The project work continues

When the project on the topics „Values and Virtues“ will be finished, the day care centre has already planned to develop jointly the next concept. The new project called „Live to grow“ wants to encourage the girls and boys to reflect their prospects and dreams.

The project will support the children in processing their sometimes traumatic past, setting up goals for their future and developing their own identity. Each month the children can choose a thematic priority, on which they will work spontaneously and creatively. The first focus has already been fixed: the children will create their own family tree.

Also new is the playful „Sunflower Family“ competition, in which parents and their children have to care jointly for a plant. The most beautiful and best maintained sun flower will be featured in a special meeting.

Focus on promoting children with learning disabilities

Besides the dental, the psychological and social care this year again the employees of the day care centre put a special focus on the appropriate educational support for the children. Two teachers, Claudia and Solana, set up a special tutoring programme to provide the children with a homework supervision, which enhances their learning capability and encourages them to learn.

As some of the children have great difficulties in reading and writing, additional writing courses have been introduced. To assist also girls and boys with distinct learning disabilities systematically, a speech therapist has been hired. His training helps the children to concentrate better on the teaching at school and thus to ameliorate the prospects for their future.

For the Brazilian girls and boys the time they spend within this humedica project, which was founded in 1994, is by far more than just a normal day at any random day care centre. For most of them the systematic development assistance there is their only hope to tip the scales in order to break the poverty cycle and to hope for a less sorrowful future.

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