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humedica dispatches medical team

Severe earthquake in Ecuador

by Steffen Richter,  2016/04/17

There has been a heavy earthquake Saturday night in Ecuador, one of the poorest countries of Latin America. According to official sources the tremors reached 7.8 on the Richter scale and occurred only 19 kilometres below ground. humedica immediately set off alarm and will send out an intervention team this very Monday morning.

Together with parts of Asia, South America belongs to the regions most endangered by earthquakes worldwide. The present quakes, which just a few hours ago took the sleeping people in Ecuador by surprise, were the strongest measured on the continent since 1979.

„Based on our experiences of the last years unfortunately we have to assume that the situation is very serious“, reports Wolfgang Groß, general manager and co-founder of humedica. „We have already alerted our emergency workers and will dispatch an intervention team straightaway.“

humedica is planning to get a five person team to Ecuador this Monday morning. It will comprise two experienced physicians Margrit Wille (65, from Ehringshausen) and Liesel Ruff (54, from Bonn) as well as the nurse Matthias Gerloff (48, from Ammerbuch) and the coordinators Dorothea Hörsch (33, from Heidelberg) and Martina Zelt (26, from Memmingen).

humedica kindly asks the people in Germany to support this disaster relief mission.

We are glad to arrange telephone or personal interviews with the intervention team members. For further information please contact Lina Koch or Steffen Richter.
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