The hard life of the orphans in Zimbabwe

by LKO,  2015/01/22

According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child each child has the right to a family, parental care and a safe home. Principles which seem normal in Germany and in Europe, but which are far from reality in other parts of this world. Like in the African state Zimbabwe. Even if the country has also committed itself to the acceptance of the above children’s right, reality speaks another language.

Because of the economic and social crisis in the country, but also as a consequence of the Aids pandemic, Zimbabwe counts more than one million orphans, whose everyday life is often marked by violence and neglect. Poverty, hunger and lacking medical care take countless children’s lives every year and destroy prospects for the future.

In order to get out of this assumed dead-end and to maintain their right to care and a safe home, the orphan boys and girls depend on support. An institution which aims to realize these principles is the orphanage “Mt. Mellary” at the eastern edge of the county.

Situated not far away from the city Mutare, the orphanage is a safe home for 22 children between five and 17 years of age. Three foster mothers of the Carmelite order care for the orphans 24 hours a day. They provide for regular meals, arrange for school education and have an open ear for the children’s worries and troubles.

However, the bad supply situation in Zimbabwe has also touched the “Mt. Mellary” orphanage and that is why much is lacking in the house: the sanitation and the stove are broken; electricity, furniture and even windows only exist partially. The old mattresses are used and dirty. The persons in charge would like to offer their foster children a more beautiful home, but they don’t have the necessary funds.

With a personal visit by staff member Andrea Trautmann humedica could see the difficult circumstances for themselves: “A boy asked us for glass for the windows, as temperatures in this mountainous region fall to 6 degrees in winter and there is hardly any bed linen to warm the children. These are circumstances which must be improved urgently for the best of the children.”

humedica will attend to these difficult living conditions and has supported the orphanage with directed aid supply deliveries. The old facilities, as well as the used mattresses are being replaced and lacking furniture completed. Moreover, the young boys and girls receive warm clothes to protect them from the cold in the night, toothbrushes, soap and towels for their daily hygiene and enough dishes for each resident.

Simple measures which not only improve the 22 children’s lives temporarily, but also offer them a valuable long-time support and make their right to a safe and caring home possible.

We need your support to be able to continue realizing this help. Please, become part of our help for the “Mt. Mellary” orphanage in Zimbabwe and, with your donation in kind or money, enable the children to find a way out of this spiral of poverty. Thank you very much!

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