Water and food are lacking

humedica commitment after cyclone “Pam” – Vanuatu in distress

by SRI,  2015/03/20

Nearly one week after the devastating cyclone “Pam” has hit the group of islands Vanuatu in the South Pacific, there are still big problems with the supply of the population on the smaller islands which are partly at a big distance. The humedica helpers are raising an alarm: drinking water and food for the population are lacking.

The German field team of six provides medical care in the hospital “Lenakel” on Tanna, one of the bigger islands on Vanuatu. Besides the treatment of often very dirty and already inflamed wounds, the doctors can also carry out smaller operations.

“We are very glad being able to help in the hospital and to support the victims”, explains coordinator Linda Zimmermann via sat phone.

“However, we observe with great concern the critical supply situation here on Tanna and probably also on the other islands. Very soon, the supply of the population with drinking water and food provisions will soon not be assured anymore.”

At the moment humedica is working at an expansion of the measures and is planning the distribution of aid supplies. At the weekend, the team is also going to visit remote areas on the island Tanna in the context of mobile missions, in order to treat the people there.

“I can but appeal very clearly not to forget the concerned people on Vanuatu”, says humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß on Friday. “It is very regrettable that, in fact, the world public doesn’t really take any notice of this catastrophe anymore.”

humedica is asking the German population for directed donations for their commitment in the South Pacific:

      humedica e.V.
      keyword: “cyclone aid Vanuatu”
      IBAN DE35 7345 0000 0000 0047 47
      bank Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Further information on this site or on facebook.com/humedica.

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