After enormous cyclone “Pam”: humedica helps immediately

by SRI,  2015/03/15

The destructions are immense, the number of dead people is still not clear. Large parts of the infrastructure in the archipelago Vanuatu have been destroyed, thousands of people injured, homeless. The situation has been described as apocalyptic by observers. humedica has immediately reacted to the catastrophe in the Pacific Ocean and has immediately sent out a field team.

Already on Saturday Baldwin Lonsdale, the President of Vanuatu had urgently asked the international community for help for his country, on Sunday the state of emergency has been proclaimed because of the catastrophe’s immense dimensions.

“Already on Saturday we were sure that this was not a normal catastrophe”, says humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß. “Respectively, we have been able to start early with our preparations.”

A few hours later, a team of six leaves Germany, via Australian Brisbane to Luganville (Espirito Santo). Besides the general practitioner Wolfgang May (Schwangau), the surgeons Philipp Fischer (Bonn) and Simon Oeckenpöhler (Münster), there are also nurse Matthias Gerloff (Ammerbuch) and the coordinators Linda Zimmermann (Kempten) and Margret Müller from Berlin.

On Vanuatu humedica is operating in cooperation with the local organization Medical Santo.

Please support the catastrophe help by humedica with a precious donation and offer a new gleam of hope after the catastrophe for the people on Vanuatu. Thank you very much!

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