Decades of trust and cooperation

The Dillinger Franciscan Sisters and humedica

by LKO,  2015/10/13

If you take a closer look at humedica´s history, you will find certain partners and players, who stand out and play a key role in the development of the relief agency time and time again. One of these special partnerships is the longterm and still ongoing friendship and cooperation with the Dillinger Franciscan sisters.

Situated in Swabian Dillingen a.d. Donau, the religious order is the oldest Franciscan community of women north of the Alps. Since impressing 775 years they place themselves at the service of people in need. Even if humedica was founded much later, it is based on the same values and so it was only a question of time before the paths of the two associations crossed.

One important milestone in the course of their joint assistance of people in need was the cooperation in the Brasilian region Nova Friburgo. In 1994 the Dillinger sisters from the province Duque de Caxias bestowed humedica a property for the construction of a project building. Today it houses a large children´s village, which offers more than 200 boys and girls of socially deprived families a safe place to learn and play every day. The joint project even resulted in the service of the Brasilian sister Beatriz Semiano for the management board of humedica´s subsidiary organisation humedica Brazil.

The cooperation of the Dillinger Franciscan sisters and humedica did not stop with this day care centre: over the last years they also often found common ground within the so called casework, a program for individual support.

For instance in the case of the young mother Marcele, who lived with her little child and three siblings in a wooden crate under the direst of conditions and depended urgently on help from outside. During a project trip the Dillinger nuns alerted Wolfgang Groß, the humedica general manager, to Marcele´s fate. Together they were able to build a secure new accommodation for the only sixteen year old mother.

Also Anastasya, a Ukrainian girl from poor backgrounds, benefited from the partnership of the Dillinger Franciscans and humedica. When humedica organised a free operation of her spinal illness at the Günzburg District Hospital, the Dillinger Fransciscan sisters warmly welcomed both Anastasya and her mother and took care of them during their stay in Germany.

Lately some humedica staff members could experience personally this practised charity in the course of the annual work outing. In Dillingen they visited the convent buildings of the religious congregation as well as the Regens-Wagner-Foundation, where Franciscan nuns work for now more than 160 years. Today it is also a point of contact for more than 1.500 people with disabilities.

Wolfgang Groß found the suitable words: „It is amazing to see how tirelessly and compassionately the Dillinger Franciscan nuns engage for the benefit of others since many centuries. Without the support of the sisters we would have had difficulty to realise many aid projects of humedica. I am convinced that we will continue to implement many other joint charity projects.“

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