Returnable bottles for the good cause

Ladies’ Circle 19 Kempten supports humedica

by Steffen Richter,  2015/07/10

Not long ago, the management of Ladies’ Circle 19 from Kempten with its president, Karin Steybe has been able to hand over the sum of 500 Euros to Cecilia Homilius, who works for the humedica fundraising department. This donation has been collected from the customers by the service club’s ladies at a bottle return machine of a local supermarket.

Instead of taking their voucher to the cash point and get the money paid out or offset against their purchase, this weekend many customers from Waltenhofen decided to leave their vouchers to the friendly ladies of Ladies’ Circle 19; doing so, their donations have achieved a respectable result.

“In the end, within a few hours a respectable sum could be collected, which we have voluntarily rounded up to 500 Euros”, explains their president Karin Steybe, handing over the donation at the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren.

The money is destined to help the humedica commitment in Nepal. “After the terrible earthquake catastrophe, this country has long disappeared from the media, but the help measures continue. We want to contribute to the possibility for humedica to continue helping the people there”, Steybe adds.

And humedica is very thankful for the regional support. “We are really happy about the fact that our home region loyally backs our work and identifies with our help”, confirms Cecilia Homilius, who personally took over the donation check from Kempten.

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