Humedica assures supply for 2,000 families

by LKO,  2015/02/09

When typhoon “Hagupit” was heading towards the east coast of the Philippines at the beginning of December 2014, the fear was great. The devastating super-typhoon “Haiyan” had raged only one year ago and his terrible consequences were still present in the people’s minds as well as in public life.

The Philippian population would hardly have been able to cope with another catastrophe of this extend. But the administration had learned from “Haiyan”: Millions of people had been evacuated in time from the imminent typhoon, the storm weakened, the big catastrophe didn’t take place.

”Before typhoon “Hagupit” hit land, he had sensibly lost power and thus avoided large-scale destructions. However, there were some Philippian islands, on which people have been injured by the storm and hundreds of accommodations destroyed”, humedica staff member, Steffa Waffenschmidt summarizes.

As after “Haiyan” the eastern island Samar has been hit in this case, too. “Hagupit”, called “Ruby” by the locals, has damaged about 40,000 accommodations and has left considerable damages on the infrastructure and agriculture.

A medical humedica emergency team has relieved urgent distress in the concerned regions, has treated injured people and given comfort. Hereby another need has quickly become evident. After the storm, many families had to reconstruct their houses or to fix their destroyed fields and fisher boats, in order to resume earning their livings again. But up to then, how should they feed their families?

The second phase of the humedica help has met exactly these worries with directed measures. In cooperation with the local partner PHILRADS, humedica has distributed food and hygiene packages to about 2,000 families in distress in the concerned regions on the island Samar.

The content of the packages met the expressed needs of the families and contained basic food like rice, sugar and oil, as well as hygiene articles like soap, washing powder and toothpaste. Thanks to this support the concerned families were able to concentrate completely on their work and the reconstruction of their homes, without worrying about the next meal.

“In collaboration withour partner PHILRADS, we could identify the needy families and finally distribute the aid supplies where the distress was the biggest. After the medical emergency help, we have thus been able to accompany the concerned people also on their way back to everyday life”, Steffa Waffenschmidt explains the aim of their help.

These recent distributions have completed the continuing commitment after typhoon “Haiyan”, which concentrates on the reconstruction of health stations and a comprehensive sponsorship program for needy families.

The fact that the Philippian population repeatedly suffers from the consequences of cyclones and typhoons is due to the geographic situation of the archipelago. Even if massive damages like after “Haiyan” and “Hagupit” are exceptions, they have happened more often lately. Against this background humedica has committed itself not only for the emergency and catastrophe help on the Philippines, but also in the field of a sustainable reconstruction and income maintenance.

Become part of the humedica commitment on the Philippines, too and support people who have got into distress innocently with a directed donation. Thank you very much!

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