New houses for a new life

20 new accommodations handed over to victims of typhoon “Haiyan”

by LKO,  2015/08/14

Like so many other things, you will probably really appreciate the value of a home, a place where you can return to after a long working day and find privacy, only at the moment when you’ve lost it. Most of us can only hardly imagine, how it would be, if one’s retreat was taken from us from one moment to the other. If you lose everything you have been working for your whole life and you are suddenly facing ruin.

People who have experienced this in a very painful way, are the inhabitants of the Philippian islands Leyte and Samar. In November 2013, typhoon “Haiyan” swept over them with a speed of up to 315 km / hour, leaving a swath of destruction and razing thousands of houses.

The inhabitants of Barangays 83c, a district of the coast town Tacloban, have been hit most severely as the storm has caused apocalyptic destructions there, leaving hardly one stone on the other. Suddenly homeless and without any possibility to help themselves, the inhabitants of 83c urgently depended on help.

In order not to leave the people alone in their distress, humedica and their partner organizations All Hands Volunteers and Philrads have identified most needy families and have organized the construction of 20 new houses in the district 83c. After interminable preparation works, an intensive construction phase and the full efforts of all participants, the houses could now be handed over to their new owners. Hardly two years after the typhoon, which has changed their lives within a few hours and has obliged them to live in temporary and makeshift accommodations, the victims have finally got their own home again and the chance for a new start into a better life.

As the Philippines are repeatedly struck by strong tropical storms, the new houses are situated in a safe part of the district and offer a better protection against wind and floods because of their robust and elevated construction. So, besides the real protection of their belongings, the families also know that they are not going to lose everything again in the next typhoon.

And yet another nice fact accompanied the handover of the new houses: In order to facilitate their still difficult everyday life, humedica distributed a solar lamp for every family. This banal item presents a precious additional benefit, as it will literally shed light on the families also during the night and, what’s more, without any batteries or maintenance costs.

In Barangay 83c, where everything had been destroyed two years ago and where the people’s distress seemed inapprehensible, a new joy of life and future prospects are developing. It is especially thanks to your generous support, dear friends and sponsors, that this positive development has been possible. We want to cordially thank you on behalf of the beneficiaries of your help! With your donation you have given us the possibility to significantly improve the lives of people in distress.

The humedica helpers continue their commitment for the victims of typhoon “Haiyan” on the Philippines with a family sponsorship program and various reconstruction projects. You have the possibility to continue your support of this effective work by making a donation or by taking over a sponsorship. Thank you very much!

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