Solar energy plant assures electricity supply for humedica clinic

by LKO,  2015/04/14

Thinking about Niger is surely also thinking about the climate of this West African country, which can mainly be characterized by two attributes: hot and dry. The average temperatures of this state interspersed with deserts reach up to 34 degrees in summer, there are hardly any or even no precipitations at all. The population repeatedly suffers from the resulting droughts and famines.

However, most people don’t know that despite its climate Niger also must regularly deal with the consequences of severe storms. Especially the comparatively densely populated south-west of the country with the city Niamey, which has a population of about one million, at the center of it has repeatedly been hit by heavy thunderstorms. These have also concerned the humedica clinic “Complexe de Santé Hosanna” in nearby Kollo. Several times already, broken trees have cut the electricity supply of the hospital, thus stopping the cooling of the medicine or the laboratory appliances.

Moreover, the public electricity supply is very unreliable and repeatedly breaks down because of overloading. Consequently, patients couldn’t be treated adequately, there has been no light and the security during nighttime has no longer been assured. But thanks to generous donators and busy helpers these difficulties are now past.

Already last October, a solar-based energy supply system had been sent to Niger by ship container and could now be installed and put into operation by voluntary helpers from Germany. The solar enables the clinic to use solar energy directly, so that it can fall back on it in case of a power breakdown. And as it is well-known, there is sun enough in Niger.

Shortly after its placing into operation, it proved to function without any problems, as new power breakdowns in and around the city Kollo interrupted the energy supply of the the humedica hospital. But instead of being obliged to wait for the restart of the power supply like in the past, the generator of the solar plan started immediately and furnished the necessary electricity. This way, not only the hospital service could continue without any interruption, but it could also save electricity.

“Thanks to the new plant we can supply most parts of the clinic with solar energy and thus protect from power breakdowns. At the same time, we focus on sustainability by using this renewable energy source”, explains humedica head of the project, Klaus Haas. “However, what we are most pleased about is the fact that the secure energy supply contributes to the best possible treatment for our patients.”

The hospital was built in 2005 after the big famine and, until today its focus lies on the care for mother and child and on obstetrics. Because of its high medical level and its good equipment, the clinic is one of the first medical centers for the 40,000 inhabitants of Kollo and contributes significantly to the health care for women and children in this region.

Yet, Niger still belongs to the poorest countries in the world. Recurring famines cost many lives. Please support the people in Niger with a directed donation and help us to help. Each cent counts. Thank you very much!

For the generous donation and the smooth putting into operation of the solar plant humedica cordially thanks Jinko Solar, Alpensolar, Solutronic and Ursa as well as all voluntary helpers.
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