After serious earthquake in Nepal: humedica sends helpers

Number of victims increasing – important destructions

by Steffen Richter,  2015/04/25

After a heavy earthquake has happened in the metropolis region Kathmandu, Nepal, humedica is sending a medical field team, which is starting from Frankfurt on Sunday morning.

Given the alarming proportions of the earthquake with a strength of 7.9 on the Richter scale, it must be feared that thousands of people have been injured seriously. On Saturday evening, Nepalese official sources numbered the death toll to more than one thousand. Moreover, the infrastructure in the metropolis region Kathmandu has been heavily destroyed.

“It has been the right decision, to react immediately after the first news and to prepare a medical team”, said Susanne Merkel, head of International Projects and Programs with humedica. “We are prepared for a similar commitment as in Haiti in 2010.”

On Sunday, humedica is sending a field team of six on their way to Nepal. Besides the experienced doctors Dr. Markus Hohlweck (Bonn), Dr. Oliver Emmler (Heidelberg) and Dr. Robert Exner (Alpirsbach), there are the nurses Christine Straub (Berlin) and Dorothea Hörsch (Heidelberg), as well as the coordinators Raphael Marcus (Munich) and Claudia Kunze (Suhr). The organization NCM, which has been committed with very good projects in Nepal for years, is humedica’s local partner.

humedica is asking the German population for directed donations for this catastrophe commitment:

Note: There is the possibility of interviews with the field team members by telephone, as well as at the airports Munich and Frankfurt on Main. If you are interested, please contact directly our spokesman, Steffen Richter.

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