Another earthquake

“Must be seen as another catastrophe” – humedica team strongly involved in Nepal

by Steffen Richter,  2015/05/12

On Tuesday morning the earth in Nepal shook again. With a strength of 7.3 on the Richter scale this new quake was immensely intense must thus be regarded as a new catastrophe for the country. Because of the destructions of the infrastructure, which had already been affected by the first quake, further massive destructions inside and outside Kathmandu must be feared.

The humedica team of eight, which was at three different places in the country on Tuesday, was able to give signs of life shortly after the heavy earthquake and could also be reached from Germany. “Directly next to me houses caved in, all people ran out onto the streets and are staying there; I can only see people, wherever I look”, reports coordinator Maren Wiese on the phone. The psychic stress is extremely high especially for those people who have already had to experience the first quake and its far-reaching consequences. As an appropriate reaction, humedica is going to reinforce the team already present in Nepal presumably with another three field staff members. These helpers, who come from Wetzlar (Hessen), Ratingen (Nordrhein-Westfalen) and Nuremberg (Bavaria) are already leaving the next day, Wednesday.

In a first statement, Raphael Marcus, head of the humedica emergency and catastrophe help and himself part of the first field team two weeks ago, says: “We must consider this to be another catastrophe. We have already been discussing first reconstruction projects and measures, but now it will be catastrophe help again.”

humedica is continuing its presence in Nepal with an experienced team of helpers and is kindly asking for directed support for all measures in Nepal:

You will find further, continually updated information here or on www.facebook/humedica and

Note: Telephone contact with the humedica team in Nepal is possible. If you are interested in interviews, please contact directly our spokesman, Steffen Richter.

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