Need-based help for the victims

by LKO,  2015/02/04

The rain in Malawi won’t stop. Since the beginning of the yearly rain period, the inhabitants of the landlocked African country have suffered unusually heavy rainfalls. With dramatic consequences: whole areas are flooded, people had to flee from their houses, fields and seeds have been destroyed. The Malawian government speaks about a national tragedy.

In Zomba, a district in the south of the country and which has been flooded in most parts, humedica is currently organizing the distribution of need-based aid supplies.

“In Zomba, many houses have been damaged by the floods. Especially the houses of the poorer population, which only consist of sun-dried bricks, have been soaked by the heavy rain and have then partially or completely collapsed”, reports humedica coordinator Heinz Horsch, who is leading the help measures in the catastrophe region.

“The people told us that the rain has fallen almost horizontally for days. That’s why they have tried to protect temporarily the most exposed walls with plastic foils. Most of the time without success.” According to information given by the local administration, more than 70,000 persons have become homeless up to now.

They are seeking shelter of the water in public buildings and temporary shelters. It is not clear when they will be able to return to their destroyed villages and care for the reconstruction, as the rain continues falling.

Besides the destruction of their houses, the people in the south of Malawi also have to bear the loss of their harvests. “On many fields there will be no harvest at all, as the plants have been damaged by the floods or the whole seeds have been washed away”, Heinz Horsch describes the situation. 95 percent of the Malawian population mostly lives of agriculture.

But the humedica coordinator sees even more problems coming up: “The people’s health is in danger. There is a risk of diseases transmitted by water. Many toilets have been flooded; the contaminated water is everywhere, also in the wells.”

In order to protect the people of the ongoing rain and to provide them with the necessary basic equipment, humedica has distributed 57,000 blankets, plastic foil, buckets, mugs and plates. Moreover, 8,000 mosquito nets for the protection against the widely spread Malaria, as well as 18,000 yam seedlings for the new planting of the fields have been handed over. In all, these help measures reach 6,000 families.

This has not been humedica’s first commitment in Malawi. Already in the year 2008, during the heavy floods, practical emergency aid in form of the distribution of aid supplies has been provided in the south-east of Malawi. Like seven years ago, humedica can, once again, in the current catastrohpe rely on the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the local partner Emmanuel International.

A common commitment, which stands by the side of people whose precarious situation gets hardly any international attention and which shows them that they have not been forgotten.

I you also want to contribute to the current catastrophe help in Malawi, we thank you on behalf of the concerned people for a directed donation on the following account:

      humedica e.V.
      keyword: “aid for flood victims Malawi”
      IBAN DE35 7345 0000 0000 0047 47
      bank Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

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