humedica offers people in Kosovo an alternative to fleeing

by LKO,  2015/02/27

Kosovo has been an independent state for seven years now. An independence which has also meant an end to the violent conflicts, a martyr lasting for years, to the Kosovar population. However, the hopes of a consequent economic resurge and an improvement in the living circumstances coming along with this have not yet come true.

Quite the contrary: The inhabitants of the small Balkan State suffer from enormous unemployment and wide spread poverty, which most hits social fringe groups like the elderly, the disabled or the widows. Naturally, also in Kosovo these circumstances result from poor education and health systems. Those who are lucky and find work don’t earn more than an average 400 Euros per month – not enough to be able to care for a family.

Because of this lack in prospects more and more Kosovars have decided to flee from their home country in the last few months. By bus or train, via Serbia and Hungary, they try to reach Germany. At the beginning of this year alone, 18,000 persons have arrived in Germany.

The reason why they hardly have any chance to be offered sanctuary there is the fact that Kosovo has been classified a so-called safe origin country, that is to say a country in which there are neither any political persecutions nor any unhuman punishments.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has reacted to the increasing flood of refugees with a summary procedure, which decides on an application for asylum within two weeks. It can be supposed that most of all applications will be refused as clearly unfounded and that the people from Kosovo will be obliged to return into their home country within short notice.

There, they will again be confronted with the problems described here above. A dead end from which an escape is hardly possible without any external help.

In order to support the people in their difficult situation, humedica has been working in Kosovo since 1999. In Krushe e Vogel, a small village in the south of the country which had achieved sad prominence by a massacre during the war in Kosovo, the humedica children day care center has been looking after an average of 20 boys and girls.

The whole-day mentoring and care relieves the mostly widowed mothers of the children and offers them the possibility to care for their common living. Regular commitments of teams of doctors have countered the inadequate medical care.

Using mobile clinics humedica doctors provide medical treatment in up to 42 villages around Krushe e Vogel and hand out urgently needed medicine. This way, also people who wouldn’t have any possibility to get medical treatment because of their poverty or their social status, are being cared for.

A community center in the heart of Krushe e Vogel completes the humedica help. The trainings organized there improve the social relations and provide better chances on the highly competitive job market. Additional leisure activities like language, music or cooking courses offer the village community a welcome diversion from the often difficult everyday life.

The humedica commitment in Krushe e Vogel creates the prerequisites for better living conditions and, thus, offers an alternative to fleeing. “We would wish that the people are no longer obliged to leave their country, only to return back deceived, after having been evicted. With our different help measures we want to enable them to lead a better life,”humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß points out.

Please, support the people in Kosovo with a directed donation and offer them an alternative to fleeing. Thank you very much!

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