“The bad situation takes away all the hope!”

An interview with humedica doctor Armond Ghazari

by LKO,  2015/06/05

Some weeks ago, the sudden flow of refugees from Kosovo to Western Europe caused some headlines. The reasons of the Kosovars were analyzed and fast deportation possibilities were conceived. Many of the refugees have meanwhile had to return to their home country, where they are once again confronted with the unchanged bad economic situation and lacking prospects.

Last year, doctor Armond Ghazari from Bad Nauheim has provided medical help to the poor rural population in the south of Kosovo. He has now been distinguished for this help commitment with humedica. In this interview he explains what this distinction means to him and if he can understand the Kosovars’ intentions to flee their country.

Last year, you worked as a doctor in Kosovo for humedica. What was your impression of the country and the people?

The Kosovars are very helpful, open-minded and hospitable. The family and friends are much appreciated and the right to hospitality is much respected in Kosovo. Despite the language difficulties, we have often been invited by strangers for a cup of coffee. This way, a farmer in Krushe e Voge, the location of the humedica children’s day care center, invited us for Ayran and coffee when we passed his house by chance.

As we worked in mobile clinics every day from nine to three thirty p.m., we didn’t have much free time. However, we could use our leisure time well, to get to know the country. On the whole, I noticed that the development outside the city Prizren has not advanced as far as desired, yet. Some houses on which the bomb impacts from the war can still clearly be seen, are also a prove of this.

Which disease patterns did you encounter during your medical work?

Most of the patients were adults, who principally came to us with cardiovascular diseases. But there were also parents with their children. Here we treated especially influenza infections. However, sometimes we could provide only limited help, because we only disposed of limited means of examination.

It is in situations like these that you quickly become aware of the good functioning of the medical system in Germany, which diagnostic possibilities we have got and that we practice medicine on a high level. The medical help we could provide during these two weeks was however gratefully accepted by the people and it was a joy to see, how much the people were happy about a smile only or about the things we could propose them.

More and more Kosovars try to flee to Western Europe, in order to settle down there. Can you understand these intentions after your experiences in Kosovo?

Well, the wages are so low that the wish to go to Western Europe, in order to simply have more prosperity, is growing on all sides. I met many people, who wished to emigrate to Western Europe. Political instability, the bad economic situation, corruption, favoritism and judicial unfairness have deprived the people of hope and prospects.

As Kosovo is the only country on the Western Balkans, the citizens of which still need a visa for a legal entry into the Schengen region, many are trying to ask for a Serbian passport as well, to make sure they can emigrate legally. Of course, their intention to flee is comprehensible, but we must very clearly ask if a flight will be the solution for all problems.

Most of the refugees aren’t granted asylum and must return. What do you think, how will the humanitarian situation in Kosovo develop?

This is a difficult question. Basically, I can only say that, regarding the current humanitarian situation, there is a need of further development. Only this way the people in Kosovo receive a fair chance to make something of themselves and their country.

Unexpectedly, you have now been distinguished by your hospital for your help commitment …

Yes, I am very happy and proud, having received the “Klövekorn Award”. It represents an appreciation of my personal work, as well as the work humedica does in the context of its international help. At the same time, the prize is an approval that we are on the right way and do the right work. This gives me the courage to continue this work; you can only grow, if you do also something new.

Are you already planning your next help commitment?

It has always been clear to me that, as a doctor, I also wanted to work in development aid, to provide help to those people, who have no access to medical care because of financial reasons. And even if, at the moment, I don’t have any precise plans, I will surely do another commitment again.

We are very glad to hear this. Thank you for your time and all the best for your future!

Armond Ghazari has donated the whole “Klövekorn Award” prize worth 1,000 Euros for the humedica help measures. We want to cordially thank him, also on behalf of the beneficiaries of this help!

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