Hunting for scores and doing good

by LKO,  2015/01/19

By organizing a big fund raising campaign for the fight against Ebola in October last year, the responsible persons at the Eissportverein Kaufbeuren e.V. (ice sports club)(ESVK) have already proved that humanitarian aid is very important for them. In the time around Christmas, they have become active again and have realized another special campaign for humedica.

In two home matches, the ESVK players have been wearing special shirts which displayed the humedica logo on their breasts. Even if the club had to admit defeat against the Lausitzer Füchse and the EV Landshut, their strong message for humedica and people in distress will be preserved.

With special shirts the ESVK has supported humedica. Photo: ESV Kaufbeuren

For humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß this sign of solidarity means much: “If you ask tourists or guests about what they know about the city Kaufbeuren, in general they will answer the ESVK and humedica. The ice-hockey club proves that hunting for scores and doing good can wonderfully go hand in hand and that we can bring many things about as regional associations.”

In order to be able to help people concretely humedica has always been dependent on a large publicity, as its work is based on donations. It is elementary for the help organization that companies and clubs like the ESVK profit from their publicity value and bear their responsibility for society in supporting humedica publicly.

In this context you could cite the established saying “Do good and talk about it”, or you just see the elementary logic of donation-based help with the argument that without any public perception no support will be generated, which makes help for people in distress impossible.

That is the reason why we are asking you today to follow the example of the ESVK. Make your support for humedica public: on your website, in the social media or the newspaper. Talk about your social commitment to friends, relatives or business partners and show them that help always needs helpers, too. We voluntarily help you with individual information, photos and texts.

In this way we jointly make sure that in case of catastrophes enough people will consider humedica and, thus, life-saving help can be realized quickly. That’s little input with a big effect. Thank you very much!

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