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by Steffen Richter/LKO,  2015/05/04

+++ Valuable help from Hessen +++ pupils show a heart of gold +++ company Hotelwäsche Erwin Müller from Wertingen supports humedica +++ SCA donates hygienic products worth 11,700 Euros +++ appreciation of passionate commitment +++ BAG Health Care supports humedica +++

Valuable help from Hessen

Not enough doctors, poor equipment and lacking financial means: the health system in Romania is one of the worst in Europe and this especially concerns those people who already live in great poverty. In order to provide for this situation and to enable the population to get adequate medical care, humedica has delivered medical aid supplies to Romania for 17 years now. A generous donation made by the pharmaceutical company axicorp, enables us to provide further help for people in need.

The donated medicine, worth about 11,000 Euros, is going to different homes for the elderly, care services and pharmacies for the poor in rural and thus mostly undersupplied regions of the country. Thus, also the part of the Romanian population which couldn’t afford medicine otherwise is provided with it.

“Many Romanians are very poor. They can neither afford going to the doctor’s nor the appropriate treatment. Thanks to the axicorp donation, we can offer help exactly where it is needed”, explains humedica project leader, Alastair Scott.

The current support by axicorp has nearly already become a tradition. Already in the past years, the company from Hessen has been committed to the humedica help measures by offering medicine donations. In the name of all beneficiaries of this help, humedica cordially thanks the responsible persons at axicorp.

Pupils show a heart of gold

True commitment coming from Allgäu: The pupils of the secondary school in Sonthofen have again been campaigning for the humedica help measures and have handed over a donation of 255 Euros for people in need this month. The pupils deliberately left the donation purpose-free, which enables humedica to use the money where it is most needed.

Vanessa Greiner, pupil of the secondary school and initiator of the fundraising campaign, has deliberately decided to let humedica decide of the purpose of the donation: “Last year, during a presentation at our school, we learned that many rather unknown help projects don’t receive enough donations and are therefore underfunded. That’s the reason why we let humedica decide on the use of the money, where it helps people best.”

The current support of the secondary school Sonthofen is not the first one: Already after the destructive typhoon “Haiyan” on the Philippines, the pupils have shown their big concern for people in need and have collected 455 Euros for the current emergency measures.

“When young people, who mostly are still following a training and don’t have their own income, get committed so much for other people, I am always very impressed. That’s why I want to thank all donators at the secondary school very cordially,” says humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß thankfully.

Company Hotelwäsche Erwin Müller from Wertingen supports humedica

humedica is well-known for medical catastrophe help, but it is also committed in the areas development cooperation and aid supply assistance. Now, humedica has been supported with the appropriate material goods by Hotelwäsche Erwin Müller.

Already in the past, the company from Wertingen has supported the helpers from Kaufbeuren in different ways. Lately, bed linen has been handed over, for which humedica has already found good use.

"For our aid supply assistance projects we repeatedly need aid supplies like blankets, pillows or bed linen”, explains humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß. "Things one wouldn’t immediately think of, but which are very important especially for refugees. That’s why we are very glad about the support of the company Hotelwäsche Erwin Müller.”

Together with other aid supplies, the bed linen is soon going to be sent from the storage in Kaufbeuren to an international project. In the name of all beneficiaries of this aid, humedica cordially thanks all responsible persons at the company Hotelwäsche Erwin Müller.

SCA donates hygienic products worth 11,700 Euros

International commitment is what relates the Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA and humedica. That’s the reason why the company for hygienic and forestry products has recently supported humedica with donations in kind worth 11,700 Euros. On the 29 pallets in all, there are TENA Comfort and TENA Pants beside other things. These aid supplies are going to be sent to different projects in Eastern Europe and Africa, which are being supported by humedica in the context of its aid supplies assistance.

This way, hospitals in the Ukraine or in Romania for example receive the donated hygienic products. “In many Eastern European countries the supply in the health care sector is still very poor and cannot be compared to the European standards at all. Many facilities depend on external help, to be able to care for their patients adequately”, humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß explains the big need.

By making this donation, SCA, which popular brands like Zewa, TENA or Tempo belong to, follows its vision “Care of Life”. Martina Röck, Regional Marketing Director TENA explains the background of SCA’s commitment: “SCA perceives itself as a company which is active in society, which sponsors social projects and is committed to a safe access to hygiene all over the world. With humedica our donation directly profits the people on site and enables the helpers to care for more hygiene. This approach has convinced us and has induced us to make the donation.”

humedica cordially thanks all responsibles of SCA and is looking forward to further support in the future.

Appreciation of passionate commitment

humedica has been committed to humanitarian aid for 36 years and, with the known teams of doctors, is part of the fastest acting organizations worldwide. This manifold commitment has now been appreciated: humedica has become a regular member of the coordinating committee “humanitarian aid” of the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs.

This committee is unique in Europe and since 1994 it has held great capability of fighting the multifaceted humanitarian problems of our times. The coordinating committee “humanitarian aid” at the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs (Berlin) is the central forum for talks, cooperation and initiatives of the German Federal Government on the one hand and the protagonists of humanitarian aid on the other hand. In the context of regular meetings concrete help measures of the 21 member organizations and institutions are being discussed and coordinated.

“We have noticed humedica to be a dynamic and performant help organization, which has grown along with the responsibilities taken in the demanding humanitarian crises during the last years and which has become a very professional help organization”, the deputy head of the humanitarian aid department at the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs, Anke Reiffenstuel explains the reason for the admission of the helpers from Allgäu into the coordinating committee.

This is a great honor for the passionate team around the co-founder of humedica, Wolfgang Groß, whose joy is also great: “All staff members here are very happy about the fact that we now have the possibility to contribute to this surely most important committee on humanitarian aid in our country and that, at the same time, we get the chance to learn and to continue our development.”

BAG Health Care supports humedica

The worldwide operation health company BAG Health Care has supported the humedica commitment with 25,500 Euros worth of donated products. About 15 palettes of latex surgical gloves go to different projects in Eastern Europe, which are regularly supported by humedica with aid supply deliveries. Thus, hospitals and pharmacies in Romania, Moldavia or the Ukraine are the beneficiaries of the BAG Health Care donation.

The purpose of this long-term help is the care for needy persons, who cannot help themselves because of overall poverty and which only get access to medical treatment through external help. “The medical equipment of our partner projects in Eastern Europe is mostly frightening and they lack everything to be able to care for patients adequately”, states humedica managing director, Wolgang Groß. “Thanks to the BAG Health Care donation, we are able to improve the equipment of the hospitals and pharmacies a lot.”

By making this donation, BAG Health Care, which lays the focus on the patients’ safety with their products of in-vitro diagnostics and hospital hygiene, follows its own company vision. “Especially the hygiene of the hands and the consequent use of gloves in order to avoid unnecessary infections in hospitals are very important to us”, says Dr. Nicolas Sachsenberg, managing director of BAG Health Care gladly.

In the name of all beneficiaries of this aid, humedica cordially thanks all responsible persons at the company BAG Health Care.

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