humedica opens health center in the Ethiopian refugee camp Kobe

Medical help for East Africa

by LKO, 2015/09/01

humedica has expanded its activities at the Horn of Africa and has opened a new health center in the big refugee camp Kobe, near the Ethiopian–Somalian border, where 40,000 people live at the moment. Since the severe famine in 2011, more than 200,000 refugees from Somalia have lived in this region, who are still dependent on support.

The fields prenatal care and vaccination medicine are in the focus of the new health center. Herewith, humedica aims at the target group women and children under five, who are the biggest and weakest group of the refugee population. An estimated 250 patients per week can be treated by the local humedica staff members in the new health center. The ultrasonic device, which has been imported from Germany for this purpose, will improve the possibilities of prenatal care for expectant mothers even more.

The camp Kobe is situated in the immediate vicinity of the refugee camp Melkadida, where since 2011, humedica has provided comprehensive help with a help center and the distribution of urgently needed aid supplies.

“The situation in the refugee camps at the Ethiopian-Somalian border is still startling, even four years after the drought. Crop failures, continuing fights between clans and the presence of the terror group Al Shabaab prevent the people from returning to their home country Somalia and oblige them to live in the refugee camp”, that’s how the responsible humedica staff member, Linda Zimmermann outlines the situation.

With the new health center, humedica has reacted to demand of the Ethiopian government and of the UNHCR, to broaden the humanitarian help measures at the Horn of Africa and to contribute to an increase of medical contact points for the refugees.

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