humedica Headlines October 2015

by LKO,  2015/10/29

+++ Full commitment in Eastern Allgäu +++ New playground for the Kosovo +++ Flying pets for humedica +++ Support from the Baleares +++

Full commitment in Eastern Allgäu

If you know the small Allgäu municipality „Hopferau“, the first things that come to your mind will be unspoiled nature, swimming lakes or the gorgeous view of the Alps. Only few people will think of soap if they hear the name of the rustic locality, but in fact there is shop full of handmade beauty products, hidden in a small town located on the main road.

The proprietor Dietrich Zarnach makes his own „Leovinus“ natural cosmetics since 20 years. He sells it to support a good cause donating repeatedly all proceeds of his „Confetti Soap“ to the remedial measures of humedica. Thus altogether 750 Euro of sales revenue accumulated in the last months.

humedica employee Heinke Rauscher visited the municipality Hopferau to accept the donation cheque personally: “I really appreciate such genuine donator commitment like that of Mr. Zarnach and would like to thank you most sincerely for your support.”

A new playground for the Kosovo

Since 1999 humedica runs a day care centre in the Kosovarian village Krushe e Vogel, where about 20 preschool girls and boys are looked after and catered for daily. The mothers, who often lost their husbands in the Kosovo war, thus get the chance to work and earn the living for their families.

Two years ago the kindergarten building could be renovated and now, only few weeks ago, it was the turn of the appendant play ground. Thanks to a generous private donation a new play structure including a slide and a swing could be installed on the site in front of the day care centre.

„We are so happy that the children can now play outside and tumble around. I would like to thank most sincerely all, who supported this project.“ comments Alban Bytyqi, manager of the day care centre.

The Kosovo belongs to the poorest nations of Europe. Economic hardships and lacking prospects compel more and more inhabitants to emigrate to the West. By supporting the day care centre humedica intends both to ameliorate the living conditions of the people and to provide an incentive for them to stay.

Flying pets for humedica

Skids fly across the ice, rackets struck hard onto the boards. It is the first ice hockey match of the new main round of the Bavarian league and the Memminger Indians compete against the promoted EV Pegnitz team. The clock displays 5:55 minutes playing time when the back Tim Teschert scores the longed-for goal.

The cheering has just started, when suddenly a pet flies downward from the well populated tiers. Within seconds the ice is piled with teddy bears, elephants, bunnies and other pets. That is the Teddy Bear Toss 2015 in Memmingen, which this year supports again the humedica Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart“ and whose thousand pets will light up children´s eyes.

For the Memminger Indians it is already the second Teddy bear Toss in support of humedica. The junior ice hockey players collect the pets and when they are brought to the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeueren, the many teddy bears and other pets find their way into the Christmas parcels of the “Present from the heart” project. In total 1.025 pets were collected for children in need.

We would like to pass on our cordial thanks to all pet donators and are already looking forward to the Teddy Bear Toss next year!

Support from the Baleares

The Lifeplus seminar series, which took place in Mallorca, rather focused on the distribution of its company products. But the team organising the event did not only think of their work, but also made use of the pleasant Balearic climate: Together with friends and many visitors they arranged an open air church service under the bright blue sky. This year they dedicated their collection of 2.500 Euro to humedica.

„I was in the lucky position to be able to report about the work of humedica and to pass on my own enthusiasm, because my son completed a coordinator training some years ago. I was really impressed with everything I have heard and seen of the humedica work.“ explains promoter Bettina Bizer.

The donators did not assign the sum, which was collected for the activities of humedica, to a special project. This allowed the Kaufbeuren team to use the donation for the most urgent measures such as the current refugee aid in Serbia, where thanks to Lifeplus the medical treatment of people in need is possible.

On behalf of all aid beneficiaries we would like to express our deeply felt gratitude to all generous donators.

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