humedica headlines May 2015

Part 1

by LKO,  2015/05/26

+++ Tents as a safe shelter: Intersport Hofmann supports earthquake help +++ Doubled help: HypoVereinsbank staff gives donation for humedica +++ Doing good with old books? No problem! +++

Tents as a safe shelter: Intersport Hofmann supports earthquake help

Once again, Intersport Hofmann from Neugablonz has shown its commitment for people in need and has supported humedica help measures. With the donation of ten big tents for the current catastrophe commitment in Nepal, the shop specialized in sports equipment has contributed concretely to the humedica aid on-site.

As Nepal has repeatedly been hit by heavy after-quakes, the tents represent a safe shelter for the humedica on-site teams. “At the moment, it is much too dangerous for our helpers to sleep in houses. In the tents our teams and also some inhabitants can spend their nights without any danger“, humedica head of the project, Steffa Waffenschmidt explains the situation in the catastrophe region.

Immediately after there has been knowledge of the earthquake, humedica had sent a first medical team to Nepal, in order to care for the injured. Meanwhile, further field team members and several tons of aid supplies have followed.

For Intersport Hofmann this hasn’t been the first support of this kind: Already after the devastating typhoon on the Philippines in the year 2013, the company had provided humedica with 50 tents for free.

humedica cordially thanks all responsible persons at Intersport Hofmann for their fast and needs-based help.

Double help: HypoVereinsbank staff gives donation for humedica

With a donation of 18,810 Euros the HypoVereinsbank Kaufbeuren staff members have once again shown their commitment to the humedica help measures. Like in the past five years already, in the context of the “Gift Matching Program”, the sum of 9,405 Euros collected by the staff has been doubled by the UniCredit Foundation.

Josef Epp, head of the bank’s private customers department in Allgäu and Andreas Frey, bank manager of the HypoVereinsbank Kaufbeuren personally handed over the cheque to humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß. “I want to thank the many colleagues who have supported the important tasks of social institutions every year. We are very attached to this region and want to take over responsibility here”, Epp explains the reason for their commitment for humedica.

The purpose of the donation has deliberately not been defined by the responsible persons at the HypoVereinsbank, which enables humedica to use the money for underfinanced help projects and to five concrete help for people in need. “Regular and especially purpose-free support is very valuable for our work. Thus, on behalf of the beneficiaries of this help, I cordially thank all generous donators at the HypoVereinsbank”, Groß said thankfully.

Doing good with old books? No problem!

It is the result of joint efforts and a heart of people in need: With a donation of 5,000 Euros the Lions Club Kaufbeuren has supported the humedica help measures after the heavy earthquake in Nepal.

The donation comes from the gains of the Lions book-market on the Momm area in Kaufbeuren, which offers many books at small prices every first Saturday of the month and the gains of which exclusively go to charitable donations.

“After seeing the terrible pictures from Nepal and knowing that humedica was already helping there, we immediately agreed that we had to help the victims of the earthquake and that we wanted to support humedica. We know that the money is in good hands with them and that the concerned people are helped straightforwardly”, Lions Club President, Dr. Markus Tietze explains their reasons for the donation.

Already a few days after the heavy earthquake, humedica had cared for injured people in isolated mountain regions in Nepal and currently, besides medical help, they are organizing first reconstruction project in the destroyed region. “The damages are enormous. We are probably going to help for a long time again in the country”, the responsible project leader, Steffa Waffenschmidt points out the situation in Nepal.

On behalf of the beneficiaries of the help, humedica cordially thanks all responsible persons of the Lions Club Kaufbeuren.

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