humedica headlines March 2015

by LKO,  2015/04/01

+++ successful help after floods in Malawi +++ company orochemie donates 7,000 Euro worth of disinfectants +++ Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH supports humedica project in Zimbabwe +++

Successful help after floods in Malawi

After heavy rains had caused serious inundations in Malawi at the beginning of the year, about 250,000 people depended on immediate help. humedica has reacted immediately and responded to the need with the distribution of aid supplies to 6,000 concerned families. Three months later, these measures could be finished successfully.

In the heavily hit district Zomba, in the south-east of the country, humedica in cooperation with the local partner organization Emmanuel International Malawi has organized the distribution of 7,000 blankets, plastic foils, buckets, bowls and plates, as well as 8,000 mosquito nets and 18,000 yam seedlings in all. Hereby, the distributed help packages always depended on the size and the need of the needy families.

“Most of the time, the people in flooded areas have not only lost their properties but also their harvest. In order to assure their food supply, we have deliberately also distributed plant seedlings for the new cultivation of the fields,” the humedica responsible for the project, Nina Skandalaki explains the background of these help measures. “Herewith, our help supplies for the immediate needs, but assures also the long-term supply of the people.”

On behalf of all beneficiaries of the help humedica thanks the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs as well as all generous donators for the possibility to realize this fast help in Malawi.

Company orochemie donates 7,000 Euro worth of disinfectants

When the humedica teams of doctors betake themselves to a catastrophe commitment, one thing is the most important: the fast and effective care for injured persons. For the realization of this, motivated field team members are needed but also always need-adapted aid supplies like medicine, dressing material and disinfectants. humedica has now received the latter as a donation in kind of the company orochemie.

The company domiciled in Stuttgart has donated two pallets, that is 7,000 Euro worth of surface disinfectants and has such made an important contribution to the supply of our teams of doctors. “In order to avoid infections and epidemics, disinfectants are one of the most important appliances of our field team units. Nobody could imagine their work in the context of a catastrophe without these aid supplies,” states the humedica representative for medical supply, Steffa Waffenschmidt.

Besides its use in the emergency and catastrophe help, this donation is also going to be used in the humedica supply assistance projects, as for example in African hospitals or in Eastern European care facilities. humedica staff member, Alastair Scott knows that there is always a need for it: “Many of the facilities we support with aid supplies simply don’t have any budget for disinfectants. Thanks to this donation, they will now be able to work hygienically and to prevent dangerous infections.”

humedica cordially thanks all responsible persons in the company orochemie and is looking forward to further cooperation in the future.

Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH supports humedica project in Zimbabwe

The Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH, better known by its brand V-Markt, has repeatedly supported the humedica project work with directed donations in kind and has thus enabled the international help organization to equip an orphanage in Zimbabwe.

This donation worth 900 Euros contains a washing machine, an electric kitchen stove as well as different pieces of furniture, which will be transported into the South African country together with other aid supplies, in order to improve the living conditions of the children in the orphanage “Mt. Mellary” many times over.

“At the moment, the orphanage is still in a very bad state and they lack of everything. Thanks to the support of V-Markt, we can offer the boys and girls there a better home,” the responsible humedica staff member, Andrea Trautmann says thankfully.

For the management of the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH the regular support of humanitarian help projects goes without saying. Managing director, Helmut Hermann was glad having found the right place for his support with the donation to humedica: “We wish the very best for the future of the orphanage Mt. Mellary.”

On behalf of the children at the “Mt. Mellary” orphanage, humedica cordially thanks the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH for its generous support.

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