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by LKO,  2015/07/28

+++ Donations instead of gifts in Augsburg +++ Collecting 12,000 Euros by running for Nepal +++ Zimbabwe: a new start for the “Mt. Mellary" orphanage +++ Three pallets of help from Bad Saulgau +++

Donations instead of gifts in Augsburg

Probably everyone is regularly confronted with the same nagging questions: What shall I offer? And what would most please the presentee? Hans Strobel of the planning office Hans Strobel has spared his guests these questions and, marking the 25th anniversary of his business, has asked for donations for humedica instead of presents. With a great result: 3,465 Euros have been collected for the international help measures at this anniversary.

The donation is destined for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. Since the heavy earthquake in April, humedica has been active in the small Himalaya state, supporting the victims with comprehensive reconstruction projects and a family sponsorship program, which accompanies families in distress with their new start after the catastrophe.

With a personal presentation given by humedica staff member, Heinke Rauscher, this and further information about the humedica help was given to the office employees and the 200 party guests: “It is important for us to inform our donators about the way their contribution will be used and how we practically implement this help for the concerned people. I cordially thank Mr. Strobel and his guests for their interest and their helpfulness.”

Collecting 12,000 Euros by running for Nepal

Round after round for the good cause: That’s what it was about, some weeks ago, for the pupils of the Helen-Keller school and the primary and grammar school in Swabian Dinkelscherben. The 465 pupils gave their best during the run4humedica and, thanks to the generous sponsoring by their parents, grandparents and friends who have paid a voluntary obol per round, the great sum of 12,000 Euros was collected for the humedica help measures.

The pupils’ representatives of both schools had the idea of the fund raising run, after seeing pictures of the heavy earthquake in Nepal and wanting to help immediately. With the collected money, the pupils now support the reconstruction of a damaged hospital in the Nepalese Jalbire, a small village north of the capital Kathmandu, where the earthquake has caused important destructions. humedica cordially thanks all pupils, teachers, relatives and friends for this impressing performance.

If you also want to combine a sports event in your school or kindergarten with directed help for people in distress, we will be happy to inform you about all you need to know concerning your personal run4humedica.

Zimbabwe: a new start for the “Mt. Mellary” orphanage

Until a few months ago, the living circumstances in the “Mt. Mellary" orphanage in the east of Zimbabwe have been anything but good: unrendered walls, lacking furniture and dirty and worn mattresses denied the children and their caregivers a nice and comfortable home. But this poor situation could be relieved, thanks to newly arrived aid supplies from Germany.

After a long trip from the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren, a whole container with aid supplies arrived in the city Mutare, from where the aid supplies were brought to the orphanage. Arriving there, the children were happy about new mattresses, chairs, tables, as well as an oven, a washing machine and plenty of construction material for the renovation of their accommodation.

“The children were very excited and hardly could believe that they would be able to sit on chairs from now on and that they would eat their meals at a table. For them, it was like the beginning of a new life. Thank you very much for this help”, the director of the orphanage, Sister Anuarite explained in a message to humedica.

The successful help for the “Mt. Mellary" orphanage has not least been possible thanks to the generous support by companies and private donators from Germany, whom we want to thank on behalf of all the children.

Three pallets of help from Bad Saulgau

As a producer of detergents and disinfectants, the Ultrana GmbH is a specialist in the field of tidiness. Moreover, with their current support of humedica , the Swabian company proves that it can also be proud of its humanitarian aid: The Ultrana GmbH has now donated a total of three pallets of about 6,200 Euros worth of different disinfectants for the humedica project work.

For the Ultrana managing director, Joachim Traub the support of the international help measures is a matter of course: “Millions of people fight to survive, as we are told nearly every day by the media from another part of the world. Natural catastrophes or wars often hit people who are already badly off. But in our affluent societies this often only touches us during the reports. Not later than with the weather forecast, we have already forgotten about it.

For the concerned people, especially the children and the ill persons, it is a long and hard way. In fact, the real work only starts then. And for the main part also for the voluntary humedica helpers, to whose work we attach much importance and that’s why we want to make at least a small contribution.”

And also at the humedica headquarters there was great joy about the comprehensive donation of the Swabian company: “In all our medical help projects we depend on essential things like disinfectants. Thanks to the donation by Ultrana GmbH, we are able to supply several partner hospitals comprehensively and, thus, assure safe treatment for the patients”, explains Alastair Scott, who is the humedica responsible in the field of aid supply.

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