humedica headlines February 2015

by LKO,  2015/03/02

+++ Big help thanks to small delicacies +++ Donor of warmth from Füssen +++ Interest and readiness to help others in Marktoberdorf +++

Big help thanks to small delicacies

An especially innovative fundraiser in Bad Friedrichshall in favor of humedica has proven that delicious pastries and help for people in distress must not necessarily exclude one another. By selling self-made cake-pops, the owner of the company Stielvoll genießen, Indra Wagner has collected 1,000 Euros for the humedica help projects.

Mrs. Wagner has deliberately left the purpose of the donation open, which enables humedica to use the money for projects which urgently depend on help , but which haven’t got any or only little financial help because of lacking publicity or because they are long-lasting projects.

However, the pastry cook has not only thought about people in distress with her baking skills. Also the humedica staff members have had the surprise of receiving a big package with some delicious cake-pops, which sweetened their working day.

The humedica team gives thanks to Indra Wagner for her commitment for people in need and the sweet surprise.

Donor of warmth from Füssen

Besides medical urgency and catastrophe help, humedica is also committed to providing supply assistance. This is a field of work the implementation of which is regularly dependent on the support by donations in kind. A very practical contribution to this kind of help has now been given by the Hotel Eiskristall in Füssen, which has donated a 3,000 Euro worth of utensils to humedica.

Together with other aid supplies, the donated pillows, blankets, bed linen and chairs are being sent to different humedica projects which haven’t got enough support. One of them is the “Mt. Mellary” orphanage in Zimbabwe, where the children lack the most basic things and where the aid supplies are going to offer some warmth and charity.

“For our supply assistance projects we also always need aid supplies like blankets and pillows, that is to say things the need of which is perhaps not clear at first sight but which substantially improve the people’s living conditions,“ explains humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß. “Against this background we are always glad about donations like the one made by the Hotel Eiskristall.”

On behalf of all the beneficiaries of this help, humedica cordially thanks the responsible persons at the Hotel Eiskristall.

Interest and readiness to help others in Marktoberdorf

What’s going to happen with my donation? Where does it go? And how is it going to be realized? These and other questions have been answered this month by humedica staff member, Jasmin Eigemann in front of 200 interested pupils of the grammar school in Marktoberdorf.

In an informing lecture, containing many photos, the pupils learned about how the humedica Christmas parcel campaign “Geschenk mit Herz” has run last year and in which countries the packages have made children’s eyes beaming. A proud number of 204 parcels for children in distress have been collected by the grammar school this year, thus breaking their personal record.

After that, the children got to know about the history of humedica and in a film documentary they got an intense insight into the catastrophe help on the Philippines. Jasmin Eigemann was very pleased about the great interest and the many questions of the audience: “It’s great when young people get interested in humanitarian aid so early and when they also commit themselves to it.”

In the end, class 9a handed over a donation of 1,300 Euro to humedica, which had been collected by selling lottery tickets with their last year Advent calendar. “The success of our Advent calendar is also due to the many business people in Marktoberdorf, who have supported us with donations in kind,” class teacher Helga Krebs explains the pleasing result.

With the present, humedica cordially thanks all pupils and responsible persons of the grammar school Marktoberdorf, as well as the donor companies, for their great interest and commitment for people in distress.

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