humedica headlines December 2015

Part 2

by LKO, SRI,  2015/12/28

+++ Gold turns into money for people in need +++ Commitment out of conviction +++

Gold turns into money for people in need

The team working with dentist Dr. Harald Schreibler from Vöhringen demonstrated once again how old gold could be turned into helpful money. Patients there had the possibility to donate their old dental gold to engage for a good cause.

The revenue of the collected and processed old gold benefitted humedica relief measures. And this revenue was quite respectable: the dental practise team could hand over about 3.000 Euro to the humedica representative Rudolf Alramseder at the personal cheque representation.

Already in 2011 Dr. Harald Scheibler and his employees engaged in collecting old gold and donated 3.400 Euro, which supported two families within the humedicafamily sponsorship programme for four years on their way out of poverty.

A truly dedicated commitment for which humedica would like to express its thanks also in the name of all aid recipients.

RLB GmbH Rohrleitungsbau Bischof supports humedica: commitment out of conviction

It is always a particular delight if humedica receives support from locals. All employees of the Kaufbeuren headquarters are especially proud of the fact that the Allgau people assist their work to such an extent. The most recent example is a „repeat offence“: like last year the RLB GmbH Rohrleitungsbau Bischof from Langerringen passed on Christmas presents for their clients, business partners and friends and donated instead 2.500 Euro to humedica.

„Many thanks indeed for this appreciated donation in the name of both our whole team and the people we support.“humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß expresses his joy about the repeated contribution and emphasizes: „Even after all those years it is still moving to see that people are willing to assist us in our work for people in need.“

The donating company RLB GmbH Rohrleitungsbau Bischof works since many years in the segments gas, water and long-distance heating. But the interests of Stefan Bischof and the other managers at the company goes far beyond the own company situated near Schwabmünchen as illustrated by the repeated commitment for humedica, which was initiated by Carola Bischof, the wife of the company head.

„We donate readily and out of conviction“, Stefan Bischof explained. Last year the entrepreneur and his wife had already visited humedica to experience first hand the work of the organisation.

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