humedica headlines August 2015

by LKO,  2015/08/20

+++ Looking for family sponsors in Nepal! +++ Still free places at the humedica field staff training 2016 +++ Refugee help at a hotspot +++ 34 tons of help for North Korea +++

Looking for family sponsors in Nepal!

Even if, four months after the heavy earthquake in Nepal, the acute medical emergency help could be ended, the victims are still struggling with many problems. Especially in the hardly accessible mountain regions many families have lost their houses, their cattle and their seeds. The continuing Monsoon rain and the slopes which have become instable by the earthquake, repeatedly cause important landslides and menace the people’s lives.

In order to avoid a second catastrophe after the first one, the victims must now extensively by accompanied on their way back to normality. The humedica sponsorship program follows this path together with the people in Nepal.

In mountain villages in the region Sindhupalchok 200 needy families are regularly being supplied with food and hygiene packages. At the same time, the children’s school education, as well as the parents’ professional new start is being assured.

First sponsors from Germany have already decided to support a family in Nepal with a monthly sum of 12 Euros per person, but there are still many families urgently waiting for help. Please become part of this sustainable work, too and take over a sponsorship in Nepal. Offer a family a new future after the catastrophe. Thank you very much!

Still free places at the humedica field staff training 2016

In order to be able to provide fast and effective help for the victims in case of emergency or catastrophe, special knowledge is necessary, as well as an extensive preparation for probable difficulties and challenges during a help operation. With its training for field staff members, which takes place three times a year, humedica offers all interested helpers the possibility to get this knowledge and to undergo a training to become a coordinator or a medical field staff member.

For the training 2016 the dates have been fixed now. There are still free places from May 08 – 14, from July 10 – 16 and from October 09 – 15. Within a week, you will be trained extensively and prepared for your foreign assignment by external and internal instructors, under conditions similar to those during an operation. The focus of the training’s content lies either on the working areas for medical staff or on those for coordinators.

For all media-savvy training participants or for those with the corresponding experience there is the additional possibility to qualify as a media-coordinator. In addition to the regular training, this qualification enables the participants to coordinate accompanying media representatives during an operation, as well as to take over the reporting to the humedica headquarters.

You will find all the relevant information about the media coordinator training, as well as the regular field staff member training by contacting our responsible staff member, Johannes Peter ( or 08341 - 966 148 26). We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Refugee help at a hotspot

It is probably the most discussed topic of the last weeks: More and more people have been fleeing ton Europe over the sea or overland, to get away from the violence or the poverty in their home countries. Lined with the strains of their flight, which partly has lasted for weeks, the people are absolutely dependent on adequate provision when they arrive in Europe.

One place where new refugees have arrived during the last months and also currently is Sicily. Mostly with nothing more than their clothes on. Together with the two local partners Gioventù in Missione and Missione Tre V onlushumedica assists the refugees and supports them with adequate aid supplies, advice and administrative formalities.

As the number of people seeking shelter is rising and the existing resources are getting scarcer, further help is urgently needed: “For our refugee help in Italy we urgently depend on the help of our sponsors. As the personnel situation in the first reception facility has already been well covered by the Italian administration, we particularly need financial support to be able to offer the refugees a human treatment also after their first reception”, the responsible humedica staff member, Carmen Wolf explains the situation.

Please become part of our help in Sicily and enable the refugees a fair chance in their new life, thanks to your donation. Thank you very much!

34 tons of help for North Korea

Because of the current crises and conflicts, continuous grievances are easily been eclipsed in the public conscience. As for example the situation of the people in North Korea. The 24 million inhabitants of the Asian state are suffering from the consequences of natural catastrophes and deficient food distribution.

humedica has supported the inhabitants of North Korea for 17 years already with extensive aid supply deliveries. Now once again, two containers could be brought into the East Asian country. The destination of the 34 tons of help is an undersupplied hospital in the province Sepo, where the contained medicine, the medical consumables and the food will assure the patients’ basic supply and will contribute to a decisive improvement in the humanitarian situation.

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