Senait and breast cancer

Current help for individual cases

by LKO,  2015/01/16

Fast, sustainable and comprehensive help for as many people as possible. This is the objective for which the full-time as well as the voluntary humedica field staff members have provided worldwide emergency and catastrophe help for years. Even if this commitment aims at the support of a great many people, the humedica field staff members repeatedly encounter human fates for which these big-scale help measures do not work and the situation requires individual attention. People who cannot help themselves, due to lacking resources or external circumstances. In these cases, the humedica help for individual cases comes into action.

Several times a year, humedica realizes this special kind of help. Measures which sometimes are decisive in a matter of life and death and which very often also improve the lives of whole groups of people. In the context of our questionnaire on individual cases we want to present you the people and their situation behind the current humedica help for individual cases.

Today you get to know the story of Senait, mother of five, from east-African Eritrea.

Name and age:

Senait, 50 years

Project country:


What is the humanitarian situation in the project country like?

After the end of the war with its neighboring country Ethiopia, which has lasted for decades, a great part of the Eritrean population still suffers from extreme poverty. Repeating drought periods lead to multiple shortages in food supply. The health and educational systems are insufficiently developed. According to information given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are only 40 medical specialists for more than 6 million men, women and children.

Political repression and the lack of civil liberty worsen even more the people’s need and have led, for a long time already, to a mass exodus into the neighboring states Ethiopia and Sudan. Hundreds of thousands have already left their home country and depend on the help of international humanitarian organizations, now. In all, five percent of the whole population has been fleeing.

Under which circumstances did Senait live at the beginning of the individual help?

Exactly like many others of her compatriots, the mother of five suffered from the difficult living conditions in her home country Eritrea. When she decided to flee from her country together with her family, doctors had already discovered the cancer in her breast. However, she didn’t have enough money for the expensive treatment.

Via Sudan the family succeeded in reaching Ethiopia, where Senait got in touch with humedica by a pastor and, because of her desolate situation, was taken into the program for individual help.

How does humedica help Senait?

As the cancer in her breast had already progressed a lot and the doctors had given her a remaining lifespan of just one year, Senait needed an immediate radiotherapy. This kind of treatment is possible only in one hospital in Ethiopia, which means 10 months of waiting time. However, Senait’s state of health couldn’t wait so long. humedica acted quickly and brought Senait to Kenia, where the necessary therapy could be realized.

As soon as her forces allowed it, Senait went back to her home country Eritrea and, thanks to the support of the German Krebsallianz (cancer alliance), she now gets all the medicine there which is necessary for the following chemotherapy.

How does Senait live now?

Together with her family, Senait could go back to Eritrea in order to finish the cancer treatment there. She has not yet been completely healed, but all signs are pointing to a positive end and a victory over the illness. And thus, Senait will be able to continue accompanying her five children through their lives and not have to deal with the illness cancer ever again.

Dear friends and sponsors, Senait’s fate proves the need of individual help, which has always also an impact on communities and families. Please support this special kind of help with a directed donation and make sure that other success stories in the context of the humedica help for individual cases will be possible. Thank you very much!

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