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Current help for individual cases

by LKO,  2015/04/20

Fast, sustainable and comprehensive help for as many people as possible. This is the objective for which the full-time as well as the voluntary humedica field staff members have provided worldwide emergency and catastrophe help for years. Even if this commitment aims at the support of a great many people, the humedica field staff members repeatedly encounter human fates for which these big-scale help measures do not work and the situation requires individual attention. People who cannot help themselves, due to lacking resources or external circumstances. In these cases, the humedica help for individual cases comes into action.

Several times a year, humedica realizes this special kind of help. Measures which sometimes are decisive in a matter of life and death and which very often also improve the lives of whole groups of people. In the context of our questionnaire on individual cases we want to present you the people and their situation behind the current humedica help for individual cases.

Today you get to know the story of Janelle from the Philippines.

Name and age:

Janelle, two years

Project country:


What is the humanitarian situation in the project country like?

The gap between poor and rich is large on the Philippines. About one third of the 100 million inhabitants live below poverty level. Glittering metropolises like Manila are followed by enormous slums, in which the people live in extreme poverty. As so often, the children suffer most from this situation; they live on the streets or become victims of acts of violence.

At the same time, the Philippines are repeatedly hit by serious catastrophes like typhoons, volcano eruptions, earthquakes or floods. Recently, in November 2013, typhoon “Haiyan” caused most serious destructions in the east of the country and killed more than 6,000 people. Its consequences are still clearly perceptible today.

The archipelago’s health system is insufficient and reflects the enormous social divide in the country. Whereas the rich population profits from good health care, the poor inhabitants suffer from a bad medical care. Only 50 percent of all Philippians have access to medical care.

Under which circumstances did Janelle live at the beginning of the individual help?

Janelle lived together with her parents and her sister on the Philippian Island Leyte, when typhoon “Haiyan” destroyed her house completely in November 2013 and took away her father’s job as a day laborer. In their despair the family moved into the capital city Manila, where they lived together with five other persons in one room in the slum.

Because of the bad hygienic situation, Janelle’s state of health worsened dramatically, as she had been born with a heart defect. Her defect resulted in a serious pneumonia with which she was taken to hospital. But her parents didn’t have the means to pay for the urgently needed operation of the heart defect.

humedica doctors had already come to know the family during their medical emergency help after the typhoon and had kept in contact. When Janelle’s state of health worsened extremely and fast action was needed, she was taken into the program for individual help.

How does humedica help Janelle?

In order to improve Janelle’s state of health, humedica immediately organized and financed an operation for the correction of her heart defect in a specialized clinic. After the successful intervention, she moved into a charitable facility nearby together with her mother, where she was medically monitored and could recover from the operation in a safe and hygienic surrounding. There, she received the necessary means to get healthy and sufficient food, to recover strength quickly.

As Janelle is only two years old and her heart still grows, she will need another operation in some years. That’s why humedica is continuing to accompany Janelle and her family.

How does Janelle live now?

Together with her family, Janelle could return into her home village on the island Leyte, where she now lives together with her grandmother. For some months now, Janelle’s mother has worked for a help organization and thus ensures the supply of the family.

Janelle has recovered well from the operation. At a personal visit humedica staff member, Andrea Trautmann could see Janelle’s state of health herself: “Janelle is an alert and happy child. It is great to see, how much energy she has got and how she is developing well.”

Janelle’s fate, in which fast help can sometimes be decisive in a life or death matter, is no single case. In order to help the concerned person and their families, humedica repeatedly gets committed in the context of help for individual cases. Please support this special kind of help with a directed donation and make sure that other success stories like Janelle’s will be possible. Thank you very much!

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