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Top-class sponsored run

Hamburgian pupils ran and collected 37.000 Euro for humedica

by LKO,  2015/12/15

There are many possibilities and ways to help people in need and so humedica helpers regularly enjoy inventive and elaborate fundraising campaigns, which support their worldwide humanitarian aid.

Also the pupils of the Rellinger Street School in Hamburg wanted to engage themselves for people in need and organised together with their teachers a donation race along the lines of run4humedica. But nobody would have expected such an outcome of this commitment, not even the teacher and initiator of the race Nora Parasie.

The 29 year old does not only work as a teacher for the Rellinger Street School, in her spare time she also acts as volunteer coordinator for humedica relief interventions. This year an intervention took her to the Lebanon for the first time, where humedica secures the medical treatment of thousands of Syrian refugees together with local teams.

Back home again Nora Parasie shared with her pupils the impressions and experiences she gained while working in the provisional tent settlements. They discussed the topics „Refugees“ and „People on the run“ in the classroom, via video chat the pupils had even the possibility to put their questions directly to the team in the Lebanon.

Deeply moved by their insights in the lives of the refugees the children decided to take the initiative. Supported by their teachers they organised a run4humedica dedicated to the medical intervention in the Lebanon. Despite the pouring rain on the day of the sponsored race about 380 pupils gave their best and ran round by round for the good cause.

With a terrific result: 37.764,74 Euro could be handed over to humedica employee Anton Großhauser in the course of a ceremonial presentation. School director Petra Stumpf found suitable words of gratitude: „I am so proud of the enormous motivation and engagement of the children and very happy about the support of so many donators.“

The impressive result of the sponsored run allows to expand the urgently needed help in the Lebanon. In cooperation with the Federal Foreign Officehumedica since 2013 supports Syrian refugees in the Lebanon, who find shelter from the violence the homeland in this small neighbouring country. But the extent of help needed for more than a million refugees goes far beyond what can be provided at the moment.

„The state of Syrian refugees in the Lebanon gets more and more difficult. The life in the uninsulated temporary tents wears the people out. Especially now in the cold winter temperatures we see more and more diseases caused by the poor living conditions of the refugees.“ explains the responsible humedica employee Nina Skandalaki the situation on site.

The great support from the Rellinger Street School enables humedica to intensify its work in the Lebanon, the donation will for example allow to recruit an additional medic or to source a mobile clinic bus.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all pupils, donators and officials of the Rellinger Street School in the name of all Syrian refugees, who receive concrete help thanks to this donation. A real top-class run!

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