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Time for new colours

humedica finisheds reconstruction of school in Meyer

by LKO,  2015/12/17

„Time does not heal everything, but eventually it withdrawals the incurable from the centre.“ This quotation of the German philosopher and author Ludwig Marcuse did originally not refer to the crises and disasters of today, but it still proves its relevance in this context time and again.

For example its relevance to the characterisation of the living conditions in Haiti today. When in January 2010 the Caribbean peninsula was struck by a massive earthquake, every hope seemed lost. How to carry on after the sudden death of 316.000 people? Where to begin, if the already meagre possession is in ruins? Why to take the trouble, if the future does not offer any prospects at all?

The months after the earthquake did not bode well for the people in Haiti, but time took its course and allowed the inhabitants of Haiti to come out of their state of shock step by step. Of course Haiti still is the poorest state of the Western hemisphere and of course the country could not perform a glorious restart after the quakes. But progress is obvious and the living conditions mentioned above are again dominated by everyday routine.

Till date humedica is still active on the island and planned, financed and implemented various reconstruction projects over the years. Such as the school in the little village Meyer, which was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake. In 2012 the humedica helpers could already renovate the building insofar as classes could start again.

Nobody bothered about the lacking painting. But humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß had promised to reconstruct the school and its not far off branch not only functional but also visually appealing to give pupils a welcoming place to learn. Some months ago the time had finally come and painters turned the grey concrete walls into a colourful building.

Now the school is ready and pictures of total destruction have been replaced by those of peaceful everyday life at school: From Monday to Thursday women cook lunch for the1.200 boys and girls thus providing the only hot meal a day for the greater part of the children. 70 tutors teach the pupils from kindergarten through A-levels and run supplemental English and computer classes. Today even advanced education is possible at the school. It now offers theoretical driving license training as well as a variety of apprenticeships for becoming e.g. a teacher, a tailor or a cook.

Naturally much more time has to pass to heal the consequences and still open wounds of the earthquake, but the school in Meyer amply demonstrates that positive developments are possible also in challenging surroundings and longterm support can make a significant difference in the lives of many people.

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