Give a donation instead of a gift!

Help now by making a Christmas donation!


The further the year moves ahead, the more companies have to think about how to thank clients, employees or business partners and to give them a special treat for Christmas.

Rather than offering the usual commercial gifts this year humedica presents you the opportunity to surprise your business contacts with a Christmas donation, which is at the same time special and easy to implement. By your donation you support the worldwide humanitarian aid engagement of our full-time and voluntary staff members and make a favourable contribution to assist suffering people. It is your choice, whether you dedicate your donation to a certain project or support people there, where it is needed most at the moment.

Besides the conventional monetary donation you also can give away humedica helpcards thus leaving each presentee the choice, which project to support with his donation.

We will be pleased to give you professional support in realising and and communicating your Christmas donation. Following an individual consultation we will provide you with photographs and reports on our projects that you can use to create your Christmas cards or website. You will of course receive a deductible receipt for every donation.

Three steps to your Christmas donation:

  • Define type and amount of your Christmas donation for humedica
  • Contact our employees for further information
  • Communicate your social engagement on your Christmas cards or website

By making a Christmas donation to humedica your company sends a clear message: instead of participating in the annual consumerism before Christmas, you engage lastingly and help people in need. We highly appreciate if you choose to give a donation instead of a gift this year.

We will be glad to assist your next moves:

Heinke Rauscher
Phone: 0049-(0)8341 – 96614844

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