More Christmas parcels than ever before

by Jasmin Eigemann,  2015/02/10

For eleven years already humedica has brought Bavarian Christmas joy to needy children in Eastern Europe and in chosen project countries with its campaign “Geschenk mit Herz” (presents given wholeheartedly). Supported by the BR fund-raiser Sternstunden well as the radio Bayern 3 and the “Abendschau” in the Bavarian TV as media partners, this year as well it is true: A joy shared is a joy doubled! More people than ever have followed this call.

Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Romania, Moldavia, Serbia, most of the 93,026 present parcels have been distributed in Eastern Europe. 5,556 of them, however, have stayed in Germany and treated refugee children shortly before Christmas or went to food banks.

Worldwide another 17,652 parcels have been packed from donations in eleven humedica project countries like Brazil, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Ethiopia or on the Philippines. In all there is the gigantic sum of a bit more than 110,000 “Geschenken mit Herz”, which have been offered during Christmas time.

An amount with which also humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß wouldn’t have counted with: “In 2003 we started with 900 parcels. Especially thanks to our media partners of Bayern 3 and the “Abendschau” of the Bavarian TV, the number has continually increased. I would never have thought it possible that one day there would be so many!”

Also Thomas Linke-Weiser, program director at Bayern 3, is proud: “A great campaign. I would never have thought that one day we would break the barrier of 100,000 parcels!”

“Compassion and the joy for children in distress, that’s what accounts for “Geschenk mit Herz””, explains Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche, who has co-organized the campaign for the eight time. “From the small kindergarten child to women’s groups: the commitment is multifaceted and without the over 400 voluntary helpers, more than 1,300 collecting points, the people who pack the parcels, Sternstunden and our media partners the campaign wouldn’t be so successful.”

From March 1st, 2015 on it is possible again to inscribe collecting points electronically on the campaign’s website On this site or on www.facebook.dom/GeschenkMitHerz you will find further information about this special campaign.

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