New year, new objectives: the charter for the future

by Lina Koch,  2015/01/09

2015 will be an important year for international development cooperation, a field of activity which is becoming more and more important for the work of humedica as well, with its projects in countries like Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The millennium development objectives, expressed in the year 2000 on the initiative of the United Nations, will arrive at their weak conclusion this year and will need subsequent operation. The charter for the future “EINEWELT (oneworld) – our responsibility” represents an important push into this direction.

This document, which has been induced by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and developed in a social dialogue, expresses eight new global objectives, which according to the responsible minister, Dr. Gerd Müller are meant to be a “reference document on the base of which we want to be evaluated” and which ought to replace the previous concept “Chancen schaffen – Zukunft entwickeln” (creating chances – developing the future).

Anyway, the millennium development objectives are not so different from the current charter for the future. The four central fields of activity of the year 2000 can also be found in the BMZ document: “fighting poverty”, “environment and climate protection”, “human rights and a good governance”, as well as “peace and safety”.

However, the charter for the future goes even further and also enunciates the fields of action “sustainable economic growth with decent work conditions”, “respect and protection of cultural and religious diversity”, “use of innovations, technologies and digitization for a transformative change” and finally “the development of a new global partnership and partnerships between many different protagonists”. In all, these are eight ambitious objectives, which are meant to serve as a guideline for a more peaceful, a fairer and a more sustainable world.

A first step of the realization of these intentions was the official handover of the charter for the future to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the end of last year, in the context of the future forum in Berlin, Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller handed over the document with the serious name “EINEWELT (oneworld) – our responsibility”.

humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß has attended the handover as a guest and he has great expectations on the new document: “We live in a world which has moved together during the last years and as a rich nation we have the responsibility to support those people who often lead their lives under unimaginable conditions. humedica has met these obligations for 35 years already, with the motto “Charity in action”.

Now it is up to politics, to the economy and, most of all to every member of our society to realize the objectives of this charter, comprising 60 pages, and to make the development year 2015 become a successful year. Saying it with Minister Miller’s words:

“Every day ask yourself, which impacts have your actions on our world. Where does your food, do your clothes or technologies come from and how have they been produced? How many plastic bags are you buying today, which you won’t need any more tomorrow? How often do you throw things away, which in fact are still good?”

With the support of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development humedica is also going to commit themselves at its best knowledge and with the biggest efforts to the field of development cooperation, in order to provide sustainable help for people who live in poverty, to improve their living conditions and to strengthen equality.

Dear friends and sponsors please continue our support also in 2015 and make sustainable help for people in distress possible with your directed donation. Thank you very much!

Indexphoto: GIZ/Ralf Rühmeier and Frederic Schweizer

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