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humedica intensifies support for refugees

Focus on Serbian border area - situation changes daily – new team starts on Tuesday

by Steffen Richter,  2015/10/19

Since about five weeks humedica medical teams engage on the socalled Western Balkan route. After field employments in Hungary, Serbia and Croatia, for ten days now humedica assists in Presevo, a small town at the Serbian-Macedonian border. Due to the continuously great need for targeted medical support, humedica will increase its aid measures. As of Tuesday this week more helpers will travel to the region. The use of mobile clinics remains an additional option.

The circumstances in Presevo are changing daily, even by the hour. After the situation has slightly eased after dramatic scenes a week ago at this key place for centralised registration, emergency forces on site now report again on deteriorating conditions. Due to the Slovenian decision to let enter only a strictly limited number of refugees every day, the situation in the bottleneck Presevo aggravates notably.

humedica addresses this continuous challenge with further rescue personnel that will replace successively the current team on site. Tomorrow the experienced nurse Nancy Schmidt (58, Nesselwang) will leave for Presevo, accompanied by the two medics Dr. Johann-Christoph Weber (68, Bruchsal) and Dr. Markus Hohlweck (54, Bonn). On Friday the coordinator Dieter Schmidt (54, Nesselwang) will follow and by the beginning of next week a second coordinator, Uwe Grunert (48, Bad Camberg), will complete the team

„We continue to concentrate on the medical treatment of the people, who arrive in Presevo after often perilous travels“, explains Steffa Waffenschmidt, who coordinates the relief intervention at the humedica headquarters. „Together with a team of „Doctors Without Borders“ from Belgium we are able to provide round the clock treatment.“

NOTE: The humedica field unit can be contacted by phone or other electronic means. It is also conceivable to assist the team temporarily. Please contact our press officer Steffen Richter for further information.
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