In deep water

The story behind the picture

by LKO,  2015/03/18

There are moments in life which stay in our memory. Images, which influence us sometimes in a pleasing and sometimes in a depressing way and which make us think.

Whenever people go into a humedica field work, they are repeatedly confronted with settings in the context of a catastrophe or serious poverty. After their return home, often one image remains, which is especially able to describe the experience or which illustrated a story they have experienced.

Today, we want to show you one of these pictures. The story which goes with it comes from Albania, where heavy floods have changed the lives of thousands of people from one moment to the other.

In February this year, unusual heavy rains led to an enormous flood catastrophe on the Balkan Peninsula. The floods destroyed the properties of thousands of people and obliged them to flee from their houses. humedica reacted quickly and has immediately organized the distribution of urgently needed aid supplies to concerned families.

A commitment during which the responsible humedica coordinator, Kenneth Dakat has repeatedly met people, who had lost everything and who were not able to help themselves. The man on our picture is one of these people.

Within few hours the water had literally been up to his neck. He managed to save himself, but because his house doesn’t have a second floor, like so many houses in the concerned region Vlora, there was no help for his belongings. “That is a catastrophe. All our belongings have been completely destroyed and the whole house must be renovated. We must start again from the very beginning,” he explained his situation to Kenneth Dakat.

The picture shows us to which height the water had been in the living room and what are the consequences of the floods for the everyday life of his family now. Furniture, clothes, mattresses and equipment: everything must be replaced or repaired bit by bit. Surely not an easy job in a country which still belongs to the poorest states in Europe and where the average monthly wage is of 370 Euros only.

In order to facilitate a new start after the catastrophe, humedica has supported the man on our picture with new mattresses and important furniture for himself and his relatives. These aid supplies have significantly improved the family’s living conditions and have provided a base on which they can build now.

The humedica aid supplies distributions have reached 160 families in all, which have come into distress inadvertently. The support has always been up to the needs. People who had lost their belongings, like on our photo, received new furniture or household equipment. Families who are dependent on agriculture, however, received animal feed, in order to ensure the supply of the animals and, thus also their own food supply.

Even if the flood catastrophe in Albania is not one of the biggest catastrophes of our times, thousands of people are still suffering from its consequences and sometimes it will last years, until the concerned people will have recovered from the consequences of the floods. The help provided by humedica facilitates their way back into normality and gives them new hope in dark days.

This help has become possible only thanks to your directed support, dear friends and sponsors. That’s why we want to thank you cordially on behalf of the concerned people in Albania!

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