humedica helps in Albania

by Steffen Richter,  2015/02/25

Unrecognized of the world public, an enormous flood catastrophe has happened in Albania these days. After long-lasting heavy rains during the last weeks, large parts of Albania’s south-west has been flooded, thousands of families are facing ruin. humedica helps with the distribution of urgently needed goods.

After heavy rains, large parts of the regions Vlora and Fier are flooded. Photo: World Vision

Even the international call for help for small Albania because of the big catastrophe have gone quite unheard. Currently, the world is looking toward the east of Ukraine, into the Middle East or Africa, but surely not towards Adriatic-bordering Albania.

Even if this country has, for some weeks now, been fighting against a big flood catastrophe, which has met thousands of families facing existential challenges.

However, in the concerned regions Fier and Vlora not only the infrastructure and house furnishing has been destroyed. What seems even more serious is the loss of many hectares of farmland.

Together with the local partner World Vision Albania, humedica coordinator Kenneth Dakat is currently organizing different aid supplies distributions to needy families in the villages which have been hit hardest. Beds, chairs and other house equipment, but also forage is being distributed.

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