A summer full of changes

by Jasmin Eigemann,  2014/08/06

They are difficult times for the people in the Ukraine. Every day, people are dying, civilians are forced to leave their home country and to flee into the West. Especially the children suffer from stress, pain and distress. Hopelessness determines their lives. Fortunately, there are people who care for the needy. humedica has supported the help organization Children’s Mission Ukraine for many years.

They want to be a light. A light in the darkness which has fallen on the Ukraine, explains Lyudmila Lonyuk. The head of Children’s Mission Ukraine and her team do their best to make children’s faces beaming again.

For a long time it hadn’t been sure, if the yearly summer camp for poor children could take place, because of the insecure situation in the country. At the beginning of June, the holiday camp with the adequate motto “Paradise Land” has however opened its gates.

600 children in all can play ball games and run and catch games, they can fish, try out circus acrobatics and rollerblades and much more. The organizers have thought of a different fantastic program every day.

And they don’t save on the food, neither: they count 8 dollars per child and day. A sum which their parents cannot pay. Many children get their first regular, balanced meals in the camp.

Every child should spend unforgettable holidays and regain strength and hope for the future. 25 refugee children spend their summer here, too. They have fled from the eastern region Donetsk with their families. The youngest child is only 5 months old.

To support refugees from crisis regions and to provide for them with all the necessary things is a matter that is near to humedica’s heart. Before all, they receive food, but also furniture, bed linens and other necessary things for everyday life.

With very different projects, CMU cares for young people in the Ukraine. This commitment comprises presents and in the Ukraine difficultly available wheelchairs for disabled children, as well as the assistance for underage prisoners. Many of them have lost the contact with their families and are alone.

Already for 20 years, humedica has sent aid supplies to the West Ukrainian towns Lutsk, Berditschiw and Uzhgorod. Especially in social facilities, like hospitals, facilities for the disabled and invalid persons, as well as in homes for the elderly or for orphans and in schools they lack elementary things like tables and chairs, but also medical equipment, medicine and school supplies.

Lately, at the end of July, a container full of hospital and hygienic supplies has been sent to the humedica partner, Children’s Mission Ukraine who cares for the distribution.

Thanks to your donation, we were able to offer these children unforgettable summer holidays. Please continue your support for us and be a light in the darkness! Thank you very much!

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