Gleams of hope in difficult times

A holiday camp, the first prize and other signs of hope

by Martina Zelt,  2014/04/10

“They are difficult times for the Ukraine”, that is how the current letter to humedica of Lyudmila Lonyuk, responsible of the Children’s Mission Ukraine starts. For 14 years, humedica has continually sent supply assistance to this partner organization based in the town Luzk. A hopeful support for the difficult life conditions there.

This aid is a quiet aid which is well-targeted, a quiet help in midst of the currently unsafe situation, threatening news and fearful future prospects.

The letter continues: “But we don’t feel forgotten, because we know, that you are with us with all your love and care. Every day, we thank God for this help.”

As it is especially the children who are scared, Lyudmila and her team organize different activities in order to restore a feeling of security in the girls and boys.

At the moment, a holiday camp is being organized, which ought to be a cheerful and reassuring compensation to their sad everyday life.

And then this happy news!

This year like every year, many hundreds of children had painted a colorful picture to thank for the Christmas parcel campaign “Geschenk mit Herz”, which have then been sent to humedica. In a following competition, the most beautiful picture has been nominated. And now the result: Maksim, a boy of five who is being cared for in the children’s day care center of Children’s Mission, has won the first prize!

For his snowman painted with water colors, the day care center has received the prize of 500 Euros, which is directly for the benefit of the children. Much money for the day care center, which urgently needs a renovation, new beds for the kids and desks.

Very excited and dressed in the traditional Ukrainian shirt, Maksim receives his present for the prize. The shy boy and his parents are very happy about the present and the award, the first prize in his life!

The responsible humedica staff member, Andrea Trautmann is especially glad about the fact that this year, the Ukraine of all the participating countries has won the competition. ”Just now and just at this place, the first prize is a real little blessing.”

And Lyudmila’s first email reaction sounds enthusiastic: “Wow! Incredible! God is wonderful! We are so happy!" So there was a supplementary and enlarged joy some time after the Christmas parcels. A smile in grey days.

Besides the care for the little ones, the Ukrainian organization also cares for old local people. A task which is important for Lyudmila Lonyuk, because “they quickly feel forgotten, lonely and insignificant”.

During a small meeting organized by the organization, all old people have received a food package and had the possibility to talk to someone. “You should have seen, how they were moved. How important it is that these people know that we think of them.”

humedica has attended to the children’s mission in the Ukraine for several years. “The conditions, under which the people there live, are still unimaginable. The hopsitals are in a fatal condition. Sometimes the floors were sagged, there is no real operating room and, despite that, people are being operated there”, reports Andrea Trautmann, who visits the project in the Ukraine, in the context of the supply assistance.

Also, there are many cases of cancer of children, especially in the second generation after the nuclear accident in Tschernobyl. All this is not easy to handle for the children’s hospital of humedica’s partner organization Children’s Mission Ukraine.

The many tons of aid supplies – including especially medical necessities such as dressing material, hospital beds and wheelchairs – which humedica has continually sent to the Ukraine for the last 14 years, are urgently needed. This is a support which is effective and which assures medical care. At the same time, the message is clear and important: We think of you!

Also and especially in times when the world public turns away from needy countries like the Ukraine, the supply assistance remains a constant partner. This is quiet and continual help – a friendship which holds on.

Please support us with a directed donation so that we will be able to continue our supply assistance which, far away from the headlines, represents precious help for the needy.

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Just like this, humedica can represent friendship in distress for many needy people worldwide, through targeted as well as long-term help. Thank you very much for your support!

Maksim had painted this colorful snowman and thus won the first prize of the picture contest. Photo: humedica

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