humedica expands help for Serbia

by Lina Koch,  2014/05/19

The situation in the flooded regions in Eastern Europe stays critical: According to current media reports, the Serbian government expects another flood wave of the river Save. Evacuation measures continue. Given these difficult conditions, humedica is preparing a quick transport of more aid supplies. Especially blankets and sleeping bags to the concerned regions in the west of Serbia.

“The flood has simply arrived too fast. Nobody had expected so much water”, reports humedica media coordinator Martina Zelt from Serbia some hours ago. “Most of the people who arrive at the reception camps are shocked and ask for relatives. As the women and children had been evacuated first, some families have been separated.”

In order to help these people effectively, the humedica team in Germany is feverishly preparing another transport of aid supplies, which shall contain, besides other things, 60 cubic meters of warm blankets.

The realization of the help measures is made in close consultation with the responsible administrations in the catastrophe region. The Serbian Deputy Minister of the Interior, Vladimir Bozuvic, showed his great thankfulness to the on-field team in his home country: “You are our friends. Thank you for being here.”

humedica still asks the German population for directed donations for the disaster operation in Serbia:

      humedica e.V.
      keyword floods in Serbia
      account nb. 47 47
      bank code 734 500 00
      bank Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

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