Family sponsorship program enters next phase

by Lina Koch, Nora Welti,  2014/08/16

The people who are being supported by the humedica sponsorship program have all got one thing in common: they have suffered a terrible blow of fate. A blow of fate called “Haiyan”. This typhoon which, last year, has not only taken all their belongings, but sometimes also their health and their family members.

Today, nine months after “Haiyan”, the worst has been overcome, but the victim’s everyday lives cannot be compared in any way to their lives before the typhoon. The people have lost the means and the possibilities to help themselves. Fisherman cannot afford buying new boats, fields lie fallow and have been salted by seawater, coconut plantations have been destroyed. And the local people lack of seed money to be able to build up something new or to take up their old bread winning labor again.

“The people are very worried”, tells humedica coordinator, Alexandra Vlantos. “Will I find work? How can I care for my family in the future? Shall I dare doing something completely new? And how will I manage to start, to begin a new life, if nothing is left? All these questions bother the people now.”

The humedica family sponsorship program wants to give prompt answers to these questions. In order to evaluate the most essential problems and to be able to help in an adequate way, humedica staff has talked to each family and has listened to their worries and needs.

As it had been expected, the biggest worry for the concerned people is the absence of income. In the context of income-producing measures, this problem is being tackled on the roots: For the families this means getting a preparative training, during which business ideas are being encouraged and business-plans explained. Following to that, all participants will be supported in an activity chosen by themselves, depending on their wishes and abilities.

Whether it be a small piggery, a food kiosk in front of the house or a fishing boat, the families decide themselves and, thus, do the first step towards an independent future.

The successful partnership programs in Haiti and Ethiopia prove that these measures work, as many of the participating families there can meanwhile care for their livings themselves.

But the people on the Philippines have other worries, too. The school lessons still take place in crowded makeshift huts, made of wood or bamboos. There is a lack of equipment and teaching materials and, as there are still very few schools, the children must walk long distances to reach them.

But the humedica sponsorship program tackles this problem as well. With the distribution of teaching material and the, on the Philippines compulsive, school uniforms as well as the reconstruction of two schools, humedica not only put money into the partner families but into the whole region.

Moreover, in order to strengthen the desperate medical care situation, there are plans to rebuild a local health station. In this context, fundless members of the sponsorship program receive free medical care and are being assisted in case of extraordinary needs.

A new working place, a house to live in again, a regular income: There are many small steps the people must do on their way back to everyday life. But with the hold offered by a sponsorship, the aim of an independent and easygoing future can be reached more easily and faster. Please accompany us on this way and take over a family sponsorship on the Philippines. Offer future. Thank you very much!

A concrete donation, too, finds its direct way to the people concerned: help now!

A humedica family sponsorship takes the hand of people in need and accompanies them on their way into a better future. Help today! Become a sponsor! Photo: humedica

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