In the tradition of Albert Schweitzer

by Steffen Richter,  2014/06/05

For the time being, it has been the highlight of a remarkable commitment: the German Medical Association has honored Prof. Dr. Gerhard Trabert with the Paracelsus Award which is the most important award a doctor can get of his fellows in Germany. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Trabert has received this award for his exceptional, mostly voluntary, commitments in the health sector which go far beyond the boundaries of his home town Mainz.

The laudation for Gerhard Trabert recapitulates his commitment in rather simple words; but the diversity and characteristic of his commitment, as well as his passion and charity can hardly be grasped by words.

“With Gerhard Trabert, the German doctors honor a fellow doctor who, through his clinical and scientific work as well as by his voluntary commitment, has served the German health sector and medical fraternity in an outstanding way. He is especially committed to the issueof poverty and health.”

Indeed, this description also holds much more than his commitment for humedica, which has lasted already for nearly ten years and which has led him to Ethiopia, Haiti, Lebanon, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, amongst others.

For the professor of social medicine and social psychiatry at the RheinMain University in Wiesbaden, especially the people in his immediate vicinity are most important to him.

Already in 1997 he founded Armut und Gesundheit in Deutschland e.V. (association poverty and health in Germany); since then and in cooperation with helpers, he has run the association’s “Arztmobil” and, in certain venues, has cared for his patients, who are usually without means and also without social status.

Last year, his most recent coup, the creation of a constant acute day ward for the homeless and for help-seeking people without health insurance, has caused quite a stir. Voluntarily supported by many colleagues, this project has become a place of applied charity and palpable hope.

“Gerhard Trabert merits this award”, the humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß joins the other congratulators. “His commitment has always focused on the people in need and has never had egocentric motives. We have come to know him as a very competent and passionate doctor and we hope to work with him again in many common actions. On behalf of the whole humedica team, I want to congratulate Prof. Dr. Trabert cordially and thank him for his great commitment.”

Without any doubt, Prof. Dr. Trabert is a worthy laureate. In fact, he thus goes in the tradition of the unforgotten jungle doctor, Albert Schweitzer, who had been awarded the first Paracelsus award in 1952 for his great merits as a doctor in Europe and Africa.

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