humedica supply assistance supports Palestinian territories

by Lina Koch,  2014/04/17

It provides the things which are lacking and delivers urgently needed items: Until today, the humedica supply assistance has given urgently needed assistance to people in need in more than 50 countries. Within one year, up to 800 tons of aid supplies are being sent by trucks, ship or plane into economically underdeveloped regions or into regions menaced by conflicts, in order to offer a little bit of security to the children, women and men there.

The Palestinian territories, which have suffered of the Mideast conflict for decades, are beneficiaries of this special kind of help, too. Many families there still live in provisional refugee camps where they have hardly any possibilities to care for themselves. The development of the infrastructure is too bad, the economic and political situation is too difficult, their poverty is too extreme.

humedica staff member Joao Santos, who coordinates the help measures in this region, confirms these circumstances: “The general situation in the Palestinian territories is fundamentally bad. The unemployment rate is very high. In addition to that, there is the poor medical care which most of the time only reaches the rich people. Another problem are the many refugee camps around the bigger cities in West Bank and Gaza.

Meanwhile, these camps have become so enormous that you can compare them to the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Low standards in hygiene, housing and food lead to chronic diseases and infections. Everything is very difficult!”

Since 2006, humedica has given aid exactly where the deficiencies are and where help is needed by delivering needs based aid supplies. Thus, the people in Gaza and West Bank receive for example sanitary products, drugs or building material for the improvement of their provisory housing situation.

And also the most recent aid supplies delivery corresponds to the needs of the Palestinian beneficiaries. Besides elementary things like dressing material, wall color and furniture, the big container also held a huge quantity of cuddly toys – small givers of comfort and warmth for the children, in midst an otherwise depressing reality.

But not only the cuddly toys brought a smile into the children’s faces. Thanks to Joao Santos’ efforts, about 6,000 tubes of toothpaste – actually rather simple hygiene articles – caused an unexpected joy for many boys and girls.

In the context of the specially organized Happy Smile Project, the humedica staff member visited six primary classes in schools of UNRWA refugee camps (UNRWA - the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East). Together with a local doctor, he explained the children about the importance of healthy teeth and thus offered the first graders an interesting change to their everyday classes.

Also the old people in the Palestinian territories are being considered. The aim of the Senior Smile Project is to give more dignity to the men and women who suffer from age-induced afflictions. Thanks to the possibilities of the humedica supply assistance, appropriate medicine, as well as crutches and sometimes even wheelchairs can be provided..

But that’s not all. “Besides our Smile Projects, there are also Medical Days, at which I drive to extremely poor regions together with local doctors and organizations, in order to offer medical care for the people there. And there is also our renovating project, in which we renovate hospitals, rehab centers and houses of especially needy persons”, explains Joao Santos their further aid measures.

Another statement of the humedica staff member proves that these varied projects are still necessary: “The people in the Palestinian territories can go nowhere, they are enclosed by blockades and as good as completely cut off the outside world. I wish being able to continue helping them, in order to improve their living conditions.”

This special kind of help, dear friends and sponsors, can only be realized with your support. Please continue helping the humedica supply assistance with your precious donation and help people like those in the Palestinian territories. Thank you very much!

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