humedica realises further distributions of aid supplies in Pakistan

by Dr. Toni Großhauser, Lina Koch,  2014/03/12

About four years ago, extensive floods in the North-West of Pakistan destroyed the livelihood of millions of people. As they have lived on cattle breeding and agriculture, the population of the concerned regions was suddenly facing ruin. Many of them are still dependent on help from outside.

Already a short time after the catastrophe has become known, humedica was present with a medical team in the flooded areas and is still giving precious help with extensive distributions and reconstruction measures. Not long ago, humedica coordinator Dr. Toni Großhauser set out again for the South-Asian state, in order to organize a distribution of aid supplies:

“From Kabul in Afghanistan I took the plane to Multan, a megacity in the center of Pakistan. Arriving there, I headed for the province Rajanpur in the South of the country, accompanied by five armed policemen. These men are members of a special task force and are taking care of my safety during my stay here.

The next morning, I drive to the village Lal Garh, where we are distributing food and mosquito nets. But as the flour supplier is late, because of a big demonstration, the distribution is delayed and thus we only start our work in the afternoon.

Some days earlier, a well-known leader of a radical group had been killed in Karatschi, die biggest town in Pakistan. As a consequence, there were protests all over the country.

Our partner organization Pak Mission Society (PMS) had organized the distribution very well, as usual, and had done their best, so that our help would really reach the needy. Every beneficiary has to confirm the receipt of the aid supplies with his finger print and to hand in a voucher which he had received earlier.

While talking to the people there, we learn that most of them still live in tents or other provisional shelters and are hoping urgently for an improvement of their situation. Several local TV channels and reporters are interviewing the beneficiaries and there is also a great demand of interviews with me.

In the evening, I meet Mushtaq Bhatti who is responsible for the project in the region Rajanpur. He, too, tells me, how much the people still suffer from the consequences of the big flood three and a half years ago. In the scope of his work for PMS, he has planned supporting measures for the development of agriculture and cattle breeding. This is certainly an interesting, but also complicated project.

The next day, a second distribution of aid supplies is planned for the people of the city Dera Ghazi Khan. As the access there is limited because of nuclear plants, the beneficiaries were asked to go to Jampur, which is 65 kilometers away. The station of the town had been chosen as the distribution center and there, we could hand out food and mosquito nets to about 500 chosen beneficiaries.

Like the day before in Lal Garh, this campaign runs smoothly, too. Besides the thanks, we hear again the wishes for new and more solid shelters. Understandable, if you know that some families have lost their mud-walled houses five times in a row because of floods and that they had to rebuild them every time again.

At the end of the week, we had been able to supply about 3,000 families and I am glad that everything had worked without bigger problems. With a good feeling, I start my journey back home.”

Pakistan is fighting against many problems. Besides the evident socio-cultural problems, the consequences of the fatal floods of the year 2010 are still visible today. Please, become part of the help for Pakistan and support the work of humedica with a directed donation. Thank you very much!

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