Of famine and hopeful help

by Lina Koch,  2014/07/19

For those who want to learn to know North Korea better, there is a problem: This East Asian country has been consequently led by communists for decades and external observers get only vague insights into the population’s real living conditions. The political and economic isolation is too enormous.

But despite the little information which gets out of the country to the world public, one fact is uncontested: The people in North Korea all suffer from poverty.

The existing health system is precarious, there is a big gap between the existing and the needed demand. The majority of the nearly 25 million inhabitants don’t get enough food. A situation which is even worsened by the strict regulation of external help.

Especially the children suffer from the bad supply situation in North Korea. Photo: humedica/Wolfgang Groß

Since the year 1998, humedica has tried, in long and intense negotiations, to receive the permission to help. They have been successful: In the last years, several times containers full of urgently needed aid supplies could be sent there and be distributed to the people. This help contained required goods like food or medicine, but also medical instruments and construction materials.

And also at the moment, another help for the North Korean population is on its way: 440,000 portions of potato soup, as well as hospital supply, mattresses and tinned food are in a container heading for Sepo, a small town in the south of the country, where they will be used in the local hospital. A few weeks before already, 20 tons of corn had reached the inhabitants of Sepo.

There is no doubt that the aid supplies arrive at the right place. According to the UN World Food Program, 32 percent of the North Korean population is underfed, which results in disastrous consequences for the health system.

People who are already underfed, must go to a hospital which lacks of all, when they are ill or injured. Amnesty International talks of operations without anesthesia and the lack of dressing material and medicine.

The current humedica deliveries of aid supplies catch on at exactly these problems and essentially improve the people’s living circumstances. Even though it is beyond our means to put an end to all grievances in North Korea, we must use the given chances to bring humanitarian emergency relief into this country afflicted by poverty.

Please, become part of this commitment and give your personal contribution for people in need with a directed donation. Thank you very much!

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