Warm feet against coldness and snow

by Laura Lorenz/LKO,  2014/10/28

For over three years, the Syrian civil war and the following humanitarian catastrophe have been a topic in public perception. But pictures on television can hardly convey the concrete impressions, what it means when more than three million people are taking flight. However, the population of the Syrian neighbor state has experienced this challenge since the beginning of the conflict. In the small country, which has the size of the German Federal Land Hessen, nearly half of all displaced Syrians have found shelter.

Bekaa valley – 25 kilometers from the Syrian border

In the eastern Lebanese Bekaa valley nearly half a million people have found shelter since the beginning of the civil war. They live in simple tents and makeshift accommodations on fallow farmland. Many of the prevailing women and children had been forced to flee quickly from their home country and they had to leave back all their belongings. Life in these settlements is a life full of destitution.

Already everyday things like access to clean water, basic food and cooking facilities are a big challenge for most of the refugees. In addition to that, there is the imminent onset of winter. The Bekaa valley is situated at an altitude of 1,000 m and coldness and snow must be awaited.

Thanks to the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs humedica has eased the need of the Syrian refugees for already two years now, by distributing aid supplies and running mobile clinics. As in many crisis regions worldwide, also here it is the children who suffer most of the precarious living circumstances. Traumatized or separated from their families, their lives become even more difficult by illnesses like bronchitis or asthma, caused by their situation.

In view of the oncoming winter, humedica and the campaign BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ has once again realized the distribution of shoes for the children in the tent settlements around the cities Terbol and Zahlé. 3,441 pairs of new shoes have not only offered the boys and girls warm feet, but also a small gleam of hope in their otherwise sad everyday lives.

The humedica teams experience the necessity of such distributions every day again. “Prevention is better than the only fight against the symptoms”, thinks also humedica doctor Dr. Moubarak. The Lebanese-born has worked for humedica for half a year and besides the aid with medical treatment he also helps with the regular distributions of aid supplies. “Sometimes I hope that I will no longer be needed here and that this humanitarian catastrophe will finally find an end.”

It is improbable that this wish will be fulfilled in the foreseeable future. And thus, the humedica medical teams are going to continue driving to the refugee settlements day after day, in order to treat adult and child patients, to offer them an open ear and to bring them a bit of new hope, perhaps.

Please support this important work of our teams with a precious donation and help to ease the need of the concerned persons. Thank you very much!

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