Claudia Roth visits refugee camp in the Bekaa valley

by Claudia Lörler/LKO,  2014/02/06

It doesn’t happen very often, that the people in the Lebanese refugee camps are being jerked out of their monotonous camp life. There are too few possibilities of occupation and the resignation about the hopeless situation is too big.

Some time ago, there has been some distraction caused by a German delegation of visitors: Claudia Roth, the Vice President of the German Federal Parliament, and her delegation visited a refugee camp in which humedica provides basic medical care. Assistant coordinator Claudia Löhrler was there, too:

“By the German embassy in Beirut, we knew already some time before the exact date that Claudia Roth was going to visit different projects in Lebanon. They said that she wanted to catch up on the current situation of Syrian refugees in order to be able to do a good work of raising people’s awareness about it.

The MMU, which is the humedica mobile hospital, was also on her list of projects she wanted to visit and we were all wondering what we should expect. Shortly before the planned arrival time, we got the information that the visit would be delayed and that, first of all, a security unit would pass to check the situation on-site.

The officers gave the all-clear, so that everything could take place as it had been planned. We were informed that besides Claudia Roth and the security staff, the German ambassador, press representatives and some translators would arrive within a few minutes. The many refugees, who were already waiting for our consultations which would take place after that, were intently watching the hectic preparations.

When the delegation arrived, not only the Syrian refugees were impressed. Also we, the humedica staff members, couldn’t avoid being impressed by the imposing impression of the many vehicles which were rolling slowly along the access road to the camp Fayda. Rapidly, we also recognized the German ambassador Christian Clages, who had already visited the humedica refugee work some weeks ago.

With the help of the security staff, Claudia Roth made her way to the consultation tent and greeted the humedica team members very cordially. She asked many questions about our work and the situation in the country and had a lively exchange of ideas with the humedica coordinator Susanne Carl.

She also explained that Germany would be obliged to receive about 25 million Syrians, if you translated the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon to Germany. An unimaginable situation.

On her way back from our tent to the vehicles, some Syrian refugees took the opportunity to attract Claudia Roth’s attention to their own health situation and to talk to her.

She also took some time for this, showed her interest and sympathy. When the delegation left, we all agreed: Claudia Roth’s visit had been a full success and a welcome change to the dull everyday life in the camp.”

Dear friends and sponsors, please continue your support of our help measures for Syrian refugees in Lebanon with a directed donation and become part of our efforts to improve the circumstances in the camps. Thank you very much!

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