The chance for a better life

by Susanne Koch,  2014/01/21

In the context of her work for humedica, Susanne Koch has visited her former home country Kenia and has, once again, been much impressed by the natives’ vitality and energy:

“Today, for breakfast, we have Uji, a rich mash made of corn flour, water, sugar and some fat. That sounds strange, but it tastes great. While the children are eating, I am sitting with the women. Raba, one of the mothers, is taking her chance to tell me about her life and her hopes for the future.

Everyday life here is very straining for the women. They build the houses, collect the firewood, fetch the water, have children and must care for their families and cook for them. The whole morning, I could observe how the women were carrying water from a well, the drilling of which had been paid for by humedica.

Especially in the dry seasons, many of them cannot manage giving their children enough to eat. So they appreciate very much the help of New Life Home Trust and humedica. Raba has got five children, who she shows me proudly. Her youngest daughter isn’t afraid of me and I can even carry her on my arm. She tells me all this in her broken Swahili, which she has learned on her visits to the market.

Raba is one of the women who wish to continue learning. She is glad that her children get the chance she has never had. At the same time, Raba hopes that in the future it will be possible to offer classes for men and women, so that they learn reading and writing and can thus care better for their families.

While sitting under the tree, listening to the village community’s concerns as well as their thanks towards humedica, I come to think about how much I have been blessed. I have never had to worry about where to get my next meal from, I had the right to learn and even go to university and I certainly didn’t have to cross a river with crocodiles in it to get to school.

I have just a slight idea about what it means to be obliged to flee and to start all over again and I am very glad that I don’t need to be an architect, porter, cook and mother at the same time. And I am impressed by the thankfulness of the people here. They say, they don’t know how to express their thanks to me as the representative of humedica.

“If you were of our culture, we would offer you a husband, but unfortunately this is not possible. If you want, you are the owner of a goat, a cow, a camel …, but as it wouldn’t be easy to take this with you, we just can say thank you. When you will come here the next time, you can live with us and don’t need to be afraid of aggressions because you are part of our family now”, explains Hassan, one of the leaders.

I am going to leave them now, cross the river back to the other side, drive three hours by car to the airport in Malindi. From there I am flying into the capital Nairobi and in some weeks from there back to Germany – into another world.

But in my mind, time and again I will cross this river and remember Tawakal, Raba and her children. I am grateful for the things New Life Home Trust and humedica could do for Raba’s children and I hope that through this help they will have a better future and that Raba’s wish will come true, too.”

Dear friends and sponsors, leading a life like the one described here is certainly hardly imaginable for most of us – everyday life in the rich West is too carefree and abundant. Please continue your support of our commitment for people who must fight for their survival every day. Thank you very much!

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