A hand full of sand from Syria

by Sven Ramones/LKO,  2014/02/10

Sven Ramones works as a coordinator in the Iraqi city Sulaimaniyah, where humedica realizes the distribution of aid supplies to Syrian refugees. The difficult human situations he has encountered during his work are always startling anew and still alike. Like the story of Zarah and her family:

Zarah: Without a home in an unknown country

“We meet Zarah and her four children. Zarah is sitting on a mattress on the floor and starts crying when she starts talking. She describes how happy her life in Syria was. Her life as a refugee, however, is as hard as she would never had been able to imagine.

On their flight, Zarah’s husband had lost his lorry driving licence. Thus, he has to earn his money as a migrant worker and sees his family only once a week. While Zarah is talking, her 13-year-old son comes back from his work in a garage. He must help to earn a living for him and his family.

Zarah and her family didn’t have time to take anything with them when they fled. After a bomb attack, they fled from Aleppo to the Iraqi border by bus during the night. Because they feared the militias which could take their son by force, they passed the mountains on foot during three days, until they were safe.

Zarah is staring blankly into the room. She doesn’t know where to go. Her home has been destroyed, as well as her hopes. “A handful of sand from Syria is all I wish to have”, she says.

There are thousands of tragic stories like this in Sulaimaniyah. The people who can tell them, disappear in the everyday life of the big city. But they mustn’t disappear from our attention.

humedica supports urban refugee families in Sulaimaniyah, like Zarah’s family, by distributing care packages. In collaboration with the local partner organization REACH and thanks to the generous support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the refugees get heating material, food and other aid supplies, in order to survive the cold season.

Moreover, thanks to this support, humedica supplies some chosen local health institutions in the surroundings of Sulaimaniyah with high-quality drugs. There, the urban refugees have the possibility to receive medical care.“

Bitte unterstützen Sie auch weiterhin die Hilfsmaßnahmen von humedica im Nordirak mit einer konkreten Spende und werden Sie zum Wärmeschenker für unschuldige Menschen in Not. Vielen Dank!

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