Sustainable help by family sponsorship

by Lina Koch,  2014/05/15

It is the one day of the year which shall belong to the whole family: The United Nations have declared May 15th to be the International Day of Families. The aim of this day of action is, to highlight the importance of families and to raise their esteem in the public view. We think, that is a good idea.

For sure, there are places on this earth, where families are especially threatened. On the Philippines, for example. There, thousands of people have lost everything after typhoon “Haiyan”. Not only their housing or objects of value, but sometimes also a member of the family, a bread-earner and beloved person.

humedica cares for these families. Helps them on their way out of the catastrophe and back to a regular life. Not only on the International Day of Families, but on 365 days a year. On the island Samar, in the south-east of the Philippines, humedica supports families who had been hit especially hard in the context of a sponsorship program.

The principle, on which this program is based, is quite simple: People in Germany help a family member on the Philippines by paying a monthly amount of 10 Euros. Those who want and are able to, increase this sum and, thus, support several family members or even an entire family at the same time.

Up to now, the sponsorships on the Philippines have been in the initial phase. However, the first collective steps on the way out of the catastrophe have already been realized. Thus at the moment, the first distributions of aid supplies in form of solar lamps for the provisory shelters and school supplies for the children are being organized.

Moreover, in order to offer as many girls and boys the chance for education, humedica plans to reconstruct a complete school in the destroyed region. A plan which brings another advantage for the whole community, apart from the important purpose of offering education. Because, most of the time, in the east of the Philippines, the school building is an evacuation center as well, for the case of another typhoon. A place which saves lived in an emergency.

These some examples of help measures cover the whole family like a protective cloak, which takes effect where the people haven’t got the chance of helping themselves. But many families on the Philippines are still waiting for a sponsor from Germany. Perhaps you want to take today’s International Day of Families as an opportunity to help needy mothers, fathers and children and to accompany them on their way into a future full of prospects. Thank you very much!

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