humedica-headlines September 2014

by Jasmin Eigemann, Lina Koch,  2014/10/07

+++ Liberian ambassador Ethel Davis on a visit in Kaufbeuren +++ simple idea, great facilitation +++ new furniture for new rooms: V-Markt supports humedica +++

Liberian ambassador Ethel Davis on a visit in Kaufbeuren

At the end of September, the Ambassador of the Republic of Liberia, Her Excellency Ms. Ethel Davis visited the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren and, in this context, has also been received by the mayor of Kaufbeuren, Stefan Bosse.

“I am here to pay respect to the city Kaufbeuren”, said the diplomat, who had arrived from Berlin, during her visit in the town hall. “Kaufbeuren is a very beautiful and peaceful city. I will surely come back again.”

The previous day, Ms. Davis had already followed the loading of 45 tons of medical aid supplies at Munich airport, which have been brought to her home country by a humedica charter flight.

There, the dangerous disease Ebola has raged for months already and has claimed more and more lives. “We are very grateful for this help by humedica”, assures the ambassador. “This epidemic can only be overcome by joined forces.”

Again and again, the city Kaufbeuren receives international guests of humedica. A fact which the responsible persons at the headquarters of the help organization appreciate. “Even if we are internationally orientated and have worldwide commitments, we see ourselves as a Bavarian organization, the home of which is Kaufbeuren”, underlines associate managing director, Bernd Herger who accompanied Her Excellency Ambassador Davis to the mayor.

Simple idea, great facilitation

Often there is much hustle and bustle in the storage at the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren. At very short notice palettes full of food, hygienic material and other aid supplies must be dispatched worldwide. Each centimeter of cargo space in a container or on a truck counts.

In the end, as many aid supplies as possible ought to reach people in need. It is not easily visible to the naked eye if the palettes, stacked on each other in the trucks, do not exceed the predetermined height of 2.40 meters. The voluntary humedica staff member Walter Thalhammer has now found a solution to this.

In fact, Walter Thalhammer had only been in the humedica storage by chance. Through friends he had found out about the humedica Christmas parcel campaign „Geschenk mit Herz” last year and has helped to sort the collected presents.

In doing so, he recognized that there was only a very old measuring tape, with which the height of the stacked parcels and other materials could be read.

No sooner thought than done – the hobby-craftsman conceived a wooden measuring stick and marked measuring intervals every 10 cm. The limit of 2.40 m is marked in red and with a slant on the wooden stick.

“It is a great facilitation for our work in the storage”, explains the head of logistics, Hermann Schäffler gratefully. “I am especially glad about M. Thalhammer’s great commitment, who has taken the initiative to realize his idea, in order to make our daily work easier. After all, it was much work to fabricate the measuring stick.”

New furniture for new rooms: V-Markt supports humedica

In order to realize worldwide help measures, the organization humedica needs efficient structures also at the German headquarters in Kaufbeuren. The Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH, better known under its trade name V-Markt, has proved being a reliable regional partner.

Again and again, the medium-size family-owned business has sponsored humedica with financial donations and donations in kind. Recently again, they have been very generous for the equipment of new office rooms.

With a 1,200 Euros worth of furniture and electrical devices, the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH has sponsored the equipment of the new rooms for the section International Projects and Programs, which has moved to a new building because of the continuous growth of its sphere of action.

“Since its foundation in 1979, humedica and therefore also its staff and the required locations, have known continual growth. We are very grateful that V-Markt has supported us on this way for many years”, says managing director, Wolfgang Groß.

The whole humedica team thanks the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH cordially and is looking forward to the future cooperation.

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