humedica headlines October 2014

by Lina Koch,  2014/10/30

+++ sun enough: solar system assures electricity supply of humedica clinic +++ care in case of emergency: Söhngen supports humedica +++ you have to start young: kindergarten visits humedica +++ one year later: a new youth center after the flood of the century +++

Sun enough: solar system assures electricity supply of humedica clinic

Again and again, the humedica clinic “Complexe de Santé Hosanna” in the Nigerien town Kollo has suffered from power breakdowns due to the weather, which complicate the storage of medicine, as well as the treatment of patients unnecessarily. That has been a problem, which has found a positive end thanks to the comprehensive donation of a solar-powered energy supply system.

Thanks to comprehensive donations in kind of the companies Alpensolar and Jinko Solar, a new solar system is being shipped to Niger on October 31st, 2014. There, voluntary helpers are going to assemble and install it next January. Herewith, the electricity supply of the clinic will be assured.

Susanne Merkel, leader of the humedica international projects and programs, is happy about the positive development of the hospital: “With the new solar system, the hospital has the possibility to store energy. In case of another power breakdown, we can now continue to treat the patients normally.”

The “Complexe de santé Hosanna” concentrates on obstetrics and medical care for mother and child and offers therefore an important contribution to support needy people in Niger. Because the inhabitants of this West African country still suffer from extreme poverty and recurrent famines.

humedica cordially thanks Alpensolar and Jinko Solar for their generous support.

Care in case of emergency: Söhngen supports humedica

Their field of activity, which is fast medical help, is the relation between the hessian W. Söhngen GmbH and the international help organization humedica. This is not least the reason why the traditional company has now supported humedica with about 11,000 Euros worth of donations in kind.

In order to provide immediate medical help in case of emergency, humedica needs professional field staff as well as appropriate equipment. The donation in kind of the company Söhngen, consisting of first aid and emergency medicine products as well as dressing material, exactly meets these demands and enables humedica to dispose of the appropriate provisions for the case of emergency.

“After a catastrophe, in general it takes only a few hours until the first humedica team is on the way to the catastrophe region. For this case, there is always a so-called Medi-Kit at disposal. For this, the donation of the W. Söhngen GmbH is very useful”, explains humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß.

The W. Söhngen GmbH, domiciled in Taunusstein, has concentrated on the fields First Aid and Emergency Medicine for 90 years already and is one of the market leaders in this field. Endeavoring to develop and sell good products, in order to enable quick and efficient help for injured people, the company has managed to become the favorite contact for in-plant First Aid.

humedica cordially thanks W. Söhngen GmbH and is looking forward to a good future cooperation.

You have to start young: kindergarten visits humedica

To help people in need you don’t need a full bank account, neither a certain age. That is what the children of the day care center Maria Himmelfahrt from Kaufering thought, too, and thus informed themselves about the worldwide help measures, during a visit at the humedica headquarters.

The about 30 boys and girls between five and six years of age were especially interested in the great humedica Christmas parcel campaign „Geschenk mit Herz“. After all, they had packed multi-colored parcels together with their group leaders and had brought them along. The future trip of the parcels to needy children in Eastern Europe has then been explained in a presentation.

During the following tour through the humedica storage, the children could get a personal insight in the work around „Geschenk mit Herz“ and they could hand over their colored parcels.

The humedica team cordially thanks all children and their group leaders for the interesting visit and is looking forward to see you again in the future.

One year later: A new youth center after the flood of the century

Many of you may still have pictures of the heavy flood last year in their minds. Rain for days on end had led to broken dams, flooded towns and enormous damages. The region around Deggendorf in the east of Bavaria, where the waters left only dirt and destruction, has been especially hard hit.

humedica, which is usually oriented toward international catastrophe help, had decided to be at the side of the concerned people and had supported the youth and teenie group of the Christliche Bürgergemeinde Deggendorf with the reconstruction of their flooded meeting place. After the waters had receded, the use of the place hadn’t been able anymore because of the dirt and the bad smell and thus a fundamental reconstruction had been inevitable.

Today, one year later, the new youth center is shining again and thanks to the extensive renovation it has even become more beautiful than it had been before the flood. This result is not at least due to the young people themselves, who had assiduously helped during the renovation.

However, they are very happy about the support by humedica: “We have become aware that we would never have been able to master everything ourselves. We are very grateful that the reconstruction has become possible, thanks to the support by humedica.”

The humedica team is glad about the great result of the reconstruction and wishes all the best for the youth and teenie group of the Christliche Bürgergemeinde Deggendorf!

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